Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holy Dailies Batman!

Good god these dailies take up a lot of time. I am running them on two toons currently with my wife. I do all of the Hyjal Dailies including the flying jousting one.

On top of that, my wife is only able to complete two more dailies by the end of the day. She is doing all of the Hyjal dailes as well as the Argent Tournament dailies. I am having to do all of the jousting dailies for the Argent Tournament. I am so sick of jousting having previously grinded out the Crusader title on Darraxus.

There is one thing that bothers me about some dailies and most quests in general. Why wouldnt the quest giver just tell you everythinh they need at one time. Seriously. Cant you ask me to kill 10 orcs AND their chief at the same time. Why do I kill 10 orcs. Come back turn in. Go collect 10 fanny packs out of their camp. Ummmm....ok. Turn it in. Ok, now kill their Chief. Seriously couldnt tell me that before. Come back. Turn in. Thank you Warrior. Now I need you to bomb their fortress and take them out once and for all with this Gryphon carrying nukes. WTF MAN....I COULD HAVE DONE THAT FIRST AND SAVED SOME TIME.

Fuck you quest givers.


SirFWALGMan said...

I suggest you cheat in the jousting. If a friend can come along.. challenge the guy.. knock his shield down.. then blow him up with the pal standing by.. Fireballs and stuff kill these guys FAAAAST once the shield is out.

Darraxus said...

Hmmm. That is not a bad idea. Can you still do that?

Arctica said...

Yes, you can.

As you start the match, use the shield throw ability to knock the shields from Green, Yellow, Red and then completely off - your wife can be standing on the ground pew pewing the mob and it will die very fast once the shields get removed. The shield negates a lot of damage so removing it is your first and only priority - the person helping you on the ground will be able to dps them down in two hits once it's off.

Vordan said...

Uh what you smoking, I do em all on two toons in 30 min now, slow pokey.