Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Z: Northwest Airfield

Well, I ended up logging onto my wife's account last night to try and continue on to the NW airfield. I logged on and realized that I had been going the wrong way (West instead of East) when I hit the edge of the map. I turned around and hoofed it back.

As I was running along, I saw another survivor running around a building in the distance. I kept an eye on him from the trees, and he ran off towards the airfield. I creeped into the area to see if maybe this was a camp or something. It was not, however there was something much different. The building I could barely make out behind the trees was actually a bus. And it was functional.

I hopped in and drove off of course. I decided that I still wanted to go check out the NW airfield and headed that way. I should have just driven south to meet up with friends.

I parked in the wood to the S/E of the Airfield and creeped my way in. I checked several hangars with no good results. I aggroed one zombie and had to kill it unfortunately, which would have alerted anyone in the area that someone else was there.

I finally approached one of the barracks. As I got closer, zombies spawned inside the building. I checked a tent just outside the building and found just a shotgun. As I crawled towards the barracks, I came under fire. Unfortunately, when you are prone, you are pretty much screwed as it takes forever to stand up. I got killed immediately after getting to my feet. It was some guy in a ghilli suit.

I let my friends know where the bus was and joined up with them on my account down south. They were going to try and scavenge some gas and a tire to bring up to the bus. We rolled around a town for a bit before I had to log off to do some transmog runs in WoW.

I will most likely be avoiding the NW airfield going forward.

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