Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Z: Scavenging to Survive

After many days holed up in a multi story construction building (which has become our home base), Fett and I decided to head out into Cherno. Not only was it dark, but the rain began to pour like a monsoon.

We slowly made our way through town, avoiding zombies along the way. We creep our way into a Pub. We find a few supplies, but not a lot of it is worth while. Grabbing what we can, we head back into the driving rain, looking to augment our gear in any way possible. I am armed with a hatchet and a makarov pistol. Fett is armed with a Remington shotgun and an M1911 pistol.

We slowly creep around, trying to avoid the lit barrels around town. We creep up to a hotel lobby. We hear flies. A dead body is near. Suddenly, I am under attack. I can barely see the zombie trying to chomp down on me. Fett ends him with a single shotgun blast. There was nothing of value in the hotel anyways. We decide to head just down the street to another pub.

On the first floor, I aquire a double barrell shotgun and some ammo. I place my axe on my toolbelt. We decide perhaps we should head back to our base of operations. We see a flare in the distance. Human activity. Humans are the most dangerous Hunters. We decide that with another person around, and the rain pouring so hard, we should seek shelter in one of the pubs. I stumble upon some binoculars and a compass in the dark. Fett grabs me a 1911.

We bed down for the night. One more day alive.


Clockwork said...

These posts are great, I love sort of the "survival diary" feel to it. Reading them and the ones at "Are we new at this?" are making me really hope ARMA 2 goes on Steam Sale soon.

Bearness said...

I think it's on Steam summer sale right now for $23 until 7/21 or something like that.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, it is 20 percent off. Figures they wouldnt make it one of the big discounts.