Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Building Infernal Machines...Easy Farm routes

Yesterday I build a couple of infernal machines and was planning on doing an Uber, but Bearness had to log off and I wanted to save it for when he is on since he has allowed me to mooch off of some of his Machines.

I ended up doing MP3 which was incredibly easy and I had decent luck with drops on keys. I also ran a couple of MP6 key runs which overall went well including one epic battle where we took on the Act 2 Key Warden and two elite packs at the same time. Anyways, here is my route.

Act 1: I usually do a combination of Cemetery of the Forsaken followed by Festering Woods. You can do which one you like. I sometimes get all 5 stacks in the Cemetery, or get 4 stacks of NV and head to Fields of Misery for the Key Warden.

Kill the Key Warden and move on.

Act 2: Go to Desolate Sands and find the Vault of the Assassin. Go inside and get your 5 stacks. Go to Dalgur Oasis and kill the Key Warden.

Act 3: I like to do Keep Depths 3 and 2 to gather my stacks of NV and then head to Stonefort to take on the Warden

Overall, the routes are quite quick and easy.


Bearness said...

I guess you guys didn't do any ubers after I left? Thanks, man. Maybe I can leech off tonight or something. =)

Darraxus said...

No Ubers. We went and farmed some keys. I didnt want to use my machines without you there.