Monday, November 5, 2012

WoW Transmogs and D3 Uber Weekend

I actually spent very little time in WoW this weekend and did not do a single daily. I am kind of burnt out on dailies at the moment.

What we did do however was some Transmog runs. We started out in black temple because we were one reputation away from getting United Nations in Meet the Spockers.

We got the achievment on Illidari council and proceeded to Illidan who did not drop my fucking Bulwark once again.

After that we decided to hit up BWL and try to get my wife her Antlers. Which also did not drop. Again.

After that, it was off to Molten Core since we were still in the area. My sister picked up a piece or two of mage gear, but overall it was quite lackluster.

Transmog runs are difficult for my wife for one reason. She hates having dresses on her toons. She just doesnt like it. She has passed on every set chest or legs she has found for her Druids because they dont have pants.

In D3, I killed a crap ton of Ubers over the weekend and made my first hellfire ring. It was ok, but it has been great while leveling on my Monk. It was one shotting elite mobs on MP10 in nightmare. Pretty damn nice.

There is not way I would have gotten that ring without Bearness, so here is a huge thank you.

He let me come along and spotted me some Infernal Machines as well. He even constantly rezzed me when I died yet again. On Sunday I had horrible luck with Ubers. I got a single organ over 9 uber fights despite a 50 or 60 percent chance for one to drop. RNG hates me.

Oh, and as a side note, thank to me every time Bearness hears the Barb say "How tastes your fear?", he now hears "How tastes your beer?". Now you will too. HA.

I also did quite a bit of leveling over the weekend. I got my Wizard to level 60 and my Monk up to level 40. I am still very hopefull that they will do account bound Paragon levels so that I can play some of my other toons at the upper levels.


Bearness said...

How tastes your beer!!

You're welcome, hope you had fun like me. I love reading your recaps, even though I was there.

And what your favorite uber fight now? The butterflies? Or Siegebreaker/Kulle? Haha.

Darraxus said...


Obviously my favorite is the one with Ghom since I can just whirlwind away.

Once I die once in Kulle/Siegebreaker, I cant seem to build any damn rage and Magdha can stick those butterflies up her ass.

Arioch said...

I took almost a week off of dailies - felt so good! And it didn't really put me that far behind, I hit exalted with Golden Lotus and if I stop reading blogs and go fish, I'll hit exalted with the Anglers tonight!

Darraxus said...

@ Arioch: Yeah, I am not raiding, so the dailies are not imperative. I log in, post auctions, pick and plant crops and then play D3 usually.