Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paragon Leveling: Modified Alkaizer Run

Yesterday I opted to spend some time just doing Paragon leveling. I put it on MP 0 and headed to Act 3 for smashy goodness. I used a modified alkaizer run that I quite liked. I ended up going from 24 to 26.5 last night as well as grabbing a couple of legendary drops.

One legendary drop was a 1300 plus DPS Skorn with a socket and over 300 int (and over 200 Str). The second was a 900 plus DPS one handed cross bow with a socket, Dex, and IAS. Much better than some of the garbage I have seen recently.

Anyways, my run goes like this.

I do Fields of Slaughter First. Clear everything. Make sure to go into the Ice Cave for the 2-4 elite packs and the Resplendent Chest.

Next I go to the Core of Arreat and quickly clear that.

Teleport to Tower of the Damned 1 and clear the circle. Check near the exit for a goblin.

Go to Arreat Crater 2 and clear out that area.

I then choose to go to Keep Depths three as it is very short, usually has 2-3 elite packs, and high mob density.

After that, you will go to Keep Depths 3 and clear it out.

I finish my run on Stonefort and clear up until I find the Key Warden. Even thoughit is MP0, he will still drop several yellow items and has a 5 percent chance to drop a key. I actually got a key on my first try. As the Templar would was "GLORIOUS".

I like seeing the level progress and the legendaries, so I will continue to run this route.

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