Friday, November 2, 2012

D3: More Ubers and Leveling my Wizard

Last night I decided that I was going to try and at least level my Wizard to level 45 so that he could use the -15 level requirement staff I grabbed for him. I hit level 45 and equipped it, which brought my DPS from about 1k to 11k.....while I was still in Nightmare. I jacked the difficulty up to MP 10 and started face rolling my way through.

I did die a few times thanks to still being incredibly squishy, but overall it was quite easy with that much DPS. By the end of the evening, I was level 51 and just starting Act 4 of Nightmare. I got killed by Raknaroth a couple of times and decided to call it a night. Whatever the ability he has that teleports him to you was an instant death for me on MP10 and I could not figure out how to tell when he was doing it.

I then got a whisper from Bearness to see if I wanted to do some more Ubers. He let me tag along and we grabbed the mage we had previously run with as well as Teknique on his DH.

Well, there was a lot of dying going on for the most part. Bearness was a master at resurrection.

The Wizard with the insane gear was trying out some weird spec and kept dying. I kept dying just because my gear level is low for MP6-7 ubers.

I died multiple times on each uber. The worst for me is probably Maghda as her stupid fucking butterfly attack takes over half of my life in one hit.

On the third portal, with Raknaroth and Ghom, three of us died leaving Bearness all by his lonesome. He beasted that shit. He soloed both of them down from about 50 percent health each.

Unfortunately, I did not get any of the organs, but I was quite happy for Bearness as he got all three organs and got to make a ring. The ring rolled mostly crap however, which left that ring viable for a follower only.

Despite all the dying, I do find Ubers to be kinda fun. I think instead of just farming Act 1, I am going to start farming whatever act I need keys from to make some infernal machines.

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