Wednesday, November 14, 2012

D3: Quick Tip

For many of the people who play D3, this may not be news, but to some it may help.

If you reach level 45 and have some extra gold, do yourself a favor.

Go to the auction house and search for a level 45 weapon with a minus 15 level requirement on it. You can find some beastly weapons.

I hit level 45 with my Monk last night and purchased a nice two handed axe with a couple of hundred dexterity and 1300 dps on it. My paper doll dps went from 800ish to 15000. I was one shotting all mobs in Act 2 inferno including a lot of rare or elites.

Once you get your new weapon, you should be able to do MP10 for maximum efficiency.


Bearness said...

Level 45 Monk doing 15K DPS?? H@X!!


Darraxus said...