Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moving on Up!

I am currently gaining around a Paragon Level per day and am currently at P35.

I have been playing Act 3 over and over again. I get tons of yellow items, but most of them are complete junk and go to the vendor. I am still waiting for that big sale.

One of the plus sides of all of this farming is that my gold is up to around 22 million, which is the most I have ever had at one time. That is still relatively low, but it just takes time.

There havent been many epics dropping for me lately. I am lucky if I find one in a day. Yesterday I got a monk polearm. I told Bearness that I think Blizz is telling me to play my Monk. I got both Monk set fist weapons and that polearm.

My goal for the upcoming weekend is to try and get to Paragon 40 and possibly finish leveling up my Monk.

I also may try to do some Ubers since I havent done those in a while.

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