Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerleveling and Making Gold

As I previously stated, I have been power leveling my sister on her Barbarian, and we got her from 38 to 45 last night. In the meantime, there are plenty of decent drops to sell!

I find it amazing what people will pay for low level gear....especially jewelry.

I have sold a couple of socketed weapons for 250-500k and I sold a ring last night for 1 million gold. It is really quite ridiculous that I am making a lot more in sales while power leveling a lowby than I do farming Inferno.

Speaking of farming Inferno, I got to Paragon 44 last night and had a 1 day record of 5 legendaries drop including two in one run. Unfortunately, all of them were quite bad.

Overall, the power leveling has gone pretty quickly, and despite getting very little paragon xp, I still make a decent amount of gold (piles drop up to the low 1000 range as far as gold goes).

I figure my sister will be 60 in no time and we will be running around in Inferno.

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