Monday, November 12, 2012

Stress Free Weekend

I did about the least stressfull gaming possible this weekend. I know that games should not be stressful, but sometimes they reach that level.

Usually it has to do with constant dying in Diablo or constant dailies to keep up in WoW. I did not do a WoW daily all weekend. In fact, I logged in to do some auctions and ran BWL for my wife to get her antlers (which did not drop again).

I Diablo, I mostly ran Act 3 MP 0 on my Barbarian. It is quick, easy, and nets me a bunch of XP. I did grab a few legendaries over the weekend too. I got both of the Monk set fists and two shitty level 58 Wizard hoods. I will likely hold onto the fists for when my Monk his level 60 ( who I got to 41).

My Barbarian is now at Paragon Level 31 and moving up fairly quickly. Every little bit is good.

Drops have been very meh. Almost every single yellow item I have gotten has been a giant piece of crap. Weapons have been terrible as the DPS was usually VERY low.

I look forward to more Act 3 farming and perhaps an uber or two this week.

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