Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy WoW weekend

Overall, I had a very busy weekend in WoW. I got my Resto Druid to level 67 and even healed Shadowlabs already. Unfortunately, you need to be 68 to pick up the quests for S-Labs. I also got a friend to help me get a bunch of necrotic runes on my Druid. I got so many that I bought all of the caster pieces, all of the trinkets, the tabard, and turned in the quest for 10 of them.

On my Warrior, I got into a pug Hyjal and downed the first boss before I had to go AFK to spend a bit of time with my fiance before she went to bed.

As per usual, when I get into a raid with the guild, good things happen. I joined attempts on Kael'thas after they had cleared the rest of the instance on my pally. We ended up two shotting him for a guild first. I can only imagine how long that fight used to be.

I respecced my Warlock to a PVE Destro spec to test out my DPS. It really hasnt changed much. I did about 1100-1200 on the test dummies in Stormwind. The one thing that I have noticed is that Destro got a whole lot more complicated. For one, instead of saccing a succubus and SB spamming, you keep your imp out and use more fire spells than anything else.

I used a rotation on immolate, corruption, incinerate, incinerate, conflagrate, immolate and mixed in Chaos Bolt on every cooldown. This is quite a bit more interaction than I am used to. I only used shadowbolt when I got an instant cast proc.

One of my friends finally logged his hunter on the first time in months and had to dowload the new patch. He specced his toon, messed around with a few things and logged off. Later, I logged onto his Hunter. I respecced him again (learn to spec noob) and we and got him a devilsaur. I then headed over to Tanaris where I started killing scourge. The Devisaur couldnt hold aggro for anything at level 65. My pet died a time or two and I had to use Aspect of the Viper to avoid pulling aggro and to keep my mana up.

I finally teamed up with a prot pally, which went very well. He would gather up a whole pile of undead and then I would volley them. Volley crits are fun. I got him enough runes to complete the quest, get the tabard, and get two of the trinkets. Next time I play his Hunter, I may go train a Gorilla or something to use as a tank.

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Herc said...

I still need Kael ... I can't find any guild that does it anymore >_<