Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ding 78!!!

I hit 78 last night in some very limited playing time. Did the quest chain to stop the furbolg and kill the corrupted bear god. The best part is that I didnt even have to kill the corrupted bear god. I just waited for the Horde Druid and Shaman to take him down and then cleansed his body afterwards. I think I missed out on him talking to me but meh, I can do that when i level my next toon.

I have been doing my cooking dailies religiously. If I get 5 minutes to play, that is what I do. The baby spice you get is pretty fun. Shrinking gnomes is the best. Then they are easier to punt.

I should easily hit 78 sometime tommorow I would guess. Make a push to hit 79 tonight then 80 tommorow so that I can get to working on my trade skills and make myself some sexy epics. I hit 78 and I am only about half way done with Grizzly Hills. Next up is Sholazar Basin and Nessingwary goodness.

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