Friday, November 28, 2008

Misc. WoW thoughts

After every expansion, it is tough to get used to what everybody can do. This especially goes for professions. Learning what enchants are best for each slot, what professions can make you some nice gear etc. takes a bit. I still dont know all of the new tanking enchants. I was told there is a 20 defense to shield. I would imagine that alot of the other ones got buffed as well.

Does anybody else know the sheer number of quests that blizzard has made that involves bodily excretions of some sort whether that be feces or vomit?

My all time favorite poop quest is the one that results in you getting Nagrand cherrys. That quest should really show you who the real RPers are and who just want to blitz the game as quickly as possible. If you are playing in character, there is no way that you pop one of those in you mouth. You just dug them out of crap....unless you RP as a filthy unhygenic brute.

What zone do I start getting saronite and crap instead of Cobalt. I am questing my way thru Grizzly Hills and have still yet to find a mine that isnt Cobalt. IMy mining is about 436 and my engineering is in the low 400s. I guess thats what I get for wiping out most quests in each zone as I go.

We really took our flying mounts for granted. Its kinda like that 80s song "Dont know what you've fot, till' its gone." Zipping around the zone instead of running saves me a whole bunch of time. Not to mention being able to drop right on top of the named mobs I need rather than fighting my way to them. That helps me save the rested xp I got for the actual quests.

I am thinking about clearing out every single zone of quests. It will be good money, plus the acheivements wont be too bad either. I have two quests for Zul'Drak now, and I will probably finish those off when I am done with Grizzly Hills to make sure I dont have to go back in if I dont want to.

I already have the epic crafted BS shield waiting for me when I hit 80. I just need to get it enchanted. It costed me 2500 gold, but I took that off of my other toons. As soon as I hit 80, I will equip that and be looking to get the mats to make my new goggles and the Titanium plated Shotgun.

Tanking is the best thing in this game as far as roles go. Period. I have raid healer, dpsed, and tanked, and I find that I love tanking most of all. Big E-Peen DPS number are nice, but tanking is by far the most fulfilling.


Hudson said...

Tanking is nice if you can find a healer or are in a good guild that actually GROUPS with you, but for me healing is where it is at as far as grouping.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, healing is nice as well. I actually prefer it to DPS most of the time. A good tank and healer can take a shitty group to the promise land. Plus as a healer or tank you have no problems getting into a group.

Herc said...

You'll start to see Saronite Ores in Sholazar Basin and Storm peaks. There's tons of them on those zones.

I both like Tanking and DPS. Yeah tanking is one of the most fulfiling roles out there. I like to DPS because I like the art of number crunching(min/max!) and it's competitive nature.