Monday, November 10, 2008

Finishing up Odds and Ends before WoTLK hits

Everyone is running about, doing the random things that they want to do to gain closure on BC. Several of my guild went into a pug BT run yesterday and killed everything up to and including Mother Sharazz. I was busy trying to get my Druid to 70. I am now thru level 69 and I hope to hit 70 this Weds. I have already healed a bunch of level 70 instances with my druid, including a full clear of kara, where I was first on the healing meters at level 68. I got a ton of new gear but cant actually equip any of it unti level 70 :(. I also ran a few BGs on my Druid and got the damage control achievement when I healed for over 300k in AV.

I played around with my warrior being arms this weekend and was pretty impressed. First, I took him into some BGs where I did well. I got first in damage in an AV where I earned the achievements "Every Little Bit Count" by controlling both mines while winning, and "Alterac Valley Perfection" by destroying all of their towers and holding all of ours until the end. Somehow I didnt get the damge control achievement despite the fact that I did nearly 400k damage. I did get the grim reaper achivement for 30 HKs in a single BG.

I also took my Warrior into kara briefly where I was easily tops in damage by around 400 DPS. I was putting out over 1200 overall when I decided to call it a night.

An update on my diabolical plan. My fiance has agreed to give WoW a try via the 10 day free trial/RAF. I have already created a little gnome mage named Crispee to level with her. I am hoping that she enjoys the game enought that she will continue to want to play.

What have you been doing to prepare yourself for WoTLK?


Herc said...

Careful on dumping alot of information =P. It can become overwhelming at first.

My wife when she started doing BGs only press MS and hamstring. The she gradually added intercept, ww etc in there.

Later on she got interested in gathering so I showed her where to mine which led her to ask me about crafting.

And now she has her shaman to 62 and rogue/druid to 60. Pretty awesome. I just had to be patient for the first 2 months or so.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, that is going to be my biggiest difficulty is being completly patient. I think it will be much easier with us both playing at the same time rather that me looking over her shoulder.