Thursday, November 6, 2008

I didn't realize WoW could look so awesome.

After two grueling days of downloading WoW (I had to do it online because I cant find the discs...DOH), I finally got to play it on my new computer. As much as I loved WoW before, I just can't get over how awesome it looks on my new computer. I had everything full blast, which did cause some low frame rate. I turned it down and it looks amazing.

I am also playing with in-game sound again. I went to Ramparts on my 67 druid for a few reasons. First one is that I can still get XP there. Second, I wanted to try out all the new spell effects in a dungeon. When I get there, I notice that I am missing a few spells. I was not aware that they reset talent points again (double DOH!). I respecced quickly and we smashed Ramparts in no time. The other reason I wanted to go was to hear the boss voices.

WoW is almost like a new game now. It is like leaving your apartment in the morning and coming back with all new hawt furniture and tech. It is the same apartment, only it feels alot better.

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