Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You have failed me for the last time......

Last night was supposed to be the second night that I play some WoW with my fiance. That ended up not working out as a) She got a phone call that lasted much longer than expected, and b) She had been up since 0130 in the morning for work. We will probably give it a go tonight assuming there are no queues and the damn server doesnt keep kicking her trial account down the queue.

On a side note, while she was on the phone I took a bit of time to start doing a bit more on my DK. I really felt like a Sith Lord running around with my lightsaber like runeblade and black armor, deathgripping badguys to me.

On another side note, this weekend while running all my DK buddies thru instances, I literally LoLed as one of my friends has a macro for when he uses strangulation. It says "You have failed me for the last time (mob name here)".


Herc said...

Ok now that is a win macro =).

I use to have a macro that yells "HERC STOMP!" Whenever I use my warstomp.

Darraxus said...

Nice. I think I may go with a DARRAXUS SMASH!!! macro for when i thunderclap.

Tom said...

someone tell me how to make a /spit macro when I kill someone in PvP... i don't want to have to click on it, just activate when i kill someone.

On another note, you may want to check out this article for Sposal problems and WOW

Darraxus said...

Lol ill check it out at home. The main reason I post the WoW Domestic Disputes is so that everyone knows.....you are not alone :)

Michael said...


Sadly, you can't trigger a macro to do something when something dies, (that would allow too much automation)

However, you could do something like:

/cast Execute

Since if you get that execute off you'll probably kill them.