Thursday, November 6, 2008

My evil plans near fruition!

With the arrival of my new computer, I hooked up my old computer in the living room. I left it hooked up to the internet and all that good stuff. The reason? I want to get my fiance to start playing WoW with me. I really think that this could be something very fun for us to do together. I also think that it will get me more WoW time....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA..(cough) (hack). Stupid evil laugh.

Anyways, does anyone know if you can do Refer a friend multiple times? I have already done it once with myself, and the huge XP gains would help out a lot. Also, what class should I level with her? The only classes I dont currently have at 59-70 are Shaman and Priest. Im thinking Shaman for chain healing goodness, but I am not really sure.


Herc said...

You can do it up to 5 times I believe.

Captain The First said...

Hah, gratz on the new machine. I am not sure about referring multiple friends to be honest so that's something worth checking into.

If your choices are between shaman and priest I'd definitely go with the shaman. It easily allows you to flip between (elemental) DPS and healing with a simple respec without changing gear which makes life a lot easier no matter what you're doing.

Beyond that if you're multiboxing both characters you'll find a shaman quite nice in a support role.

Last but not least Spriest DPS seems a little 'meh' lately and you don't really need a heavy duty healer when you're doing the rent-a-friend levelling approach anyway(you're better off just blasting through).

So my vote goes to shaman simply based on the 2 different DPS style options and a solid healing option that allow pretty much anyone to find a comfortable mode.