Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Questing as Prot

For those of you who are questing as prot, this is one of the easiest specs to quest as. There is virtually no downtime. There are slightly differnt strategies for a solo target as opposed to a group of targets.

If you are only doing one at a time, I usually charge/shield slam/revenge (if you are a tank you better have the Glyph of Revenge for the free Heroic Strike)/Heroic Strike, Devastate, etc. Use revenge every time it lights up, and be on the look out for Sword and Board procs for free Shield Slam goodness.

For an AOE pull, I usually like to charge, thunderclap, back up a bit and Shockwave. I will generally go thru the same single target rotation while throwing in a Thunderclap when it is off of cooldown. You can also cleave to dump rage in this situation if it is coming in faster than you can spend it. If pull a bunch (like 10 plus), and are starting to lose a bit of health, you can use your Enraged Regeneration (which is one a 3 minute cooldown). This is one of the abilities that also makes it so easy for prot to solo elites if they need to.

Prot DPS is way up, and you should remember to keep battleshout up as much as possible.

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Hudson said...

Thanks for the tips. Just came back to my 70 Prot Warrior this will help