Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tanking in Wrath

We have all gotten a head start in learning to use out new abilities. Some classes are more or less the same. Warrior tanking has become a brand new ballgame. Prot Warriors used to put out 200 dps in their tanking gear. Now they are putting out 450 plus. Threat is thru the roof. People are AOEing entire instances. The time will soon come to once again seperate the good tanks from the bad ones.

We will be running new instances, with new mobs, with new abilities. We will probably be able to blast thru the first few with little to no effort. Once we start getting to 75 plus and replacing our gear, things are probably going to get a lot tougher.

We will be asking for players to use CC again. We will be selective on who we take on runs. What kind of utility does that class bring? If you are currently a tank and just AOE tanking everything, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.....wait that was the last expansion.

My advice if you plan on running some 5 mans or 10 mans before Wrath is to practice running things how we are going to run them in the new future. Out CC has most likely gotten incredibly rusty. Mages aren't sheeping, Hunters aren't trapping, Rogues aren't sapping. I have and idea that this could lead to a lot of annoying wipes in the very near future. It will all even out after a bit, but starting now will make the transition that much easier.

All tanks should be able to multi-mob tank when needed, but it is also the responsibiliy of the CC to make sure that their targets stay CCed. A dead healer can't heal anyone.


Anonymous said...

I never really liked the idea of CC anyhow because it caused class discrimination. I mean I play a warlock, and I can't tell you how many times "LF DPS/CC" meant I couldn't go. Sure, I could use the succy in regular dungeons, but once heroics came along...forget about it. CC imo should be a nice addition for the group, but not something that if missing means a wipe. Of course, I'm saying this from a warlock's perspective because we have essentially no CC outside of seduce. I have a ret pally as well, and the change to repentance lasting 1min on PVE targets is awesome...so maybe I'm just being bitter about CC. Perhaps if they made fear not path on PVE mobs...or maybe only path as much as a sheep, then we warlocks would be more optimistic about the idea of CC.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I understand that as well. Also, having a succubus out can often gimp your DPS. The main point of the article was that people should get back into the habit.

Herc said...

I'll be bringing my tanking gear while leveling just incase I find a group for instance runs ... at least for the first few levels.

I don't mind respeccing though if it's people I trust.