Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Warrior tanking reminder

You will now need 540 defense at level 80 to be uncrittable. This may not seem like alot, but defense rating has changed and it takes alot more to get where you need to go. Plan on gemming for defense and enchanting to defense until you hit that magic number. You dont want to go into a heroic and start getting critted for 8-9 thousand.

This should be the first priority for all of you warrior tanks out there. Effective health will come in time. Make sure that your healer isnt running out of mana on every pull.


Herc said...

Yup I had to enchant defense my first few heroic runs like I mentioned here


I've gotten some upgrades now and I have been starting to gem/enchant for stam and other stuff.

Atm I have high Defense and armor but not so high on other stats. I plan to fix it as gear comes by.

Also Naxx tanking gear doesn't have as much defense as your blue tanking gear from heroics etc. So don't throw away those blue tanking gear yet for some swapping gears later.

Heroics have been running smooth so far since my first =P.

Are you lvl 80 yet? Heroics are waiting for joo!

Darraxus said...

Im level 77 atm, so I should hit 80 this weekend. Unfortunately I only get to seriously sit down and play on the weekend. If my fiance has to work on Thanksgiving I will probably get to 78 that morning. If not, I will have to work doube time over the weekend to hit 80 and start running heroics.