Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend with Wrath

I got a decent amount of stuff done over the weekend in Wrath including getting to 72. Unfortunately, there are already 80s on my server and DKs who are a higher level than me. How do people have so much time on their hands?

I have been leveling all of my crafting skills as I got, including engineering, mining, first aid, and even a bit of fishing.

I reached level 72 without even leaving Howling Fjorde for more than a few minutes (I did about 3 -4 quests in the Borean Tundra. I am rather enjoying questing, and plan on more or less depleting the zone before heading on the the next one.

I spent much of my weekend doing instances. I did the Nexus once, Utgarrde Keep about 5 times, and I even did Ajol-Nerub once. I really love running the new instances, and the best part is that they are pretty short. Despite being a bit low for AN, we completed the entire instance in about 30 minutes. Next time I get a chance to play for more than a few minutes, I am thinking that I will try the instance The Old Kingdom. Trying and taming new instances is one of my favorite new parts of the game.

I think once I complete Howling Fjorde, I am going to head to the Grizzly Hills. I am interested to see what Mr. Nessingwary has in store for us this time around.

Through all of the, I also got my Druid to ding 70 finally. It took 4 days 6 hours /played to get there. I basically leveled the last half of a level healing my 4 buddies on their Death Knights thru mana-tombs and Auchenai Crypts. We wiped the floor with Auchenai Crypts despite the fact that 3 of the DKs were level 63 or 62. I have a feeling it wont be long until DKs get the nerf treatment.

With another new expansion come all of the douchebags. Courtesy is apparently not taught anymore. If you see somebody waiting for a named mob for a quest, how about instead of ninjaing it, you invite the to group so that you both get credit. Obviously, if they are the other faction, ninja away.

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