Monday, December 29, 2008

Doing Naxx backwards.

No, this isnt about some raid where everyone stood backwards to make Naxx more difficult. This is about my 10 man progression in Naxx. Last night I made my first trip into the 10 man version of Naxx where we actually downed a boss. The first two bosses I downed are Sapphiron and Kel'Thudaz. Both are interesting fights, but baring dumbness, they really arent that difficult.

Sapphrion: We were having several problems with 'randomness'. A few times, it would be going very well and all of a sudden two ice blocks on one side of the room, and the other group died before they could get to them. We rememdied that by standing a bit closer to the circle during air phase and we downed him the next try. I got a crappy DPS helm out of it. Gotta check and see if it is any better than my engineering goggles or else just vendor it.

Kel'Thuzad: I was the off tank for this fight. At the beginning, I just picked up the Abominations as the came in and tanked them. After KT was engaged in combat, I stayed off to the side and shot him. Yes I shot him with my gun. I did not want to get into melee range and chain ice block someone. When the adds popped up, I picked them up and tanked them over in a corner away from everyone. My first time trying it, I couldnt see the red crap on the ground and died 0_0. The next time we got him with no problem. No useful items dropped for me. He dropped the Priest etc. token, Death's Bite, and something else that I cant recall at this point.

I hope to get into the first raid this week so that I have a shot at some more loot. I am also interested in seeing all of the other fights. Currently I am at 28500 health unbuffed, so usually around 36k buffed.

Heroics: I had a pretty good run of heroics this weekend, although I am still sporting my level 70 badges bracers. I picked up the belt from Azjol'Nerub and the gloves from Gundrak within about an hour. I only accumulated 24 emblems over the weekend which puts me at 24 lol. I need 60 to get my T7 gloves which I am hoping to have by the weekend.

There are still some Heroics that I have never seen the inside of. These include Nexus, Strat, and Halls of Lighting. I dont know what it is, but I just have not been motivated to hit these instances.

I respecced my Druid back to Resto so that I can level completly thru instances. I just was not really digging the boomkin spec, especially since my crit sucked. I got him to 71 this weekend after convincing a buddy to spec his warrior prot. With regemming his old stam gems for new ones, he ended up with over 18k health which made the instances incredibly easy. I will probably get some more play time in on this toon later this week. This will be my next 80 most likey as there is a huge healer shortage and I want to reap the benefits.


thedoctor said...

CoT strat isn't that bad, Nexus is easy enough but Halls of Lighting I will never do again.

Soley because of the last boss, Loken. We didn't wipe the entire run but could not get him down. Best shot was like 75% and this was with a very skilled and geared group for a pug. So good luck if you decide to do it

Herc said...

Positioning, DPS and quick reaction time is key for Loken.

Gratz on getting on those Naxx runs!

On KT our OTs stay with the melee on phase 2 they just go to a designated group until adds come out on Phase 3.

You should get easy upgrades from 10man Naxx if you do the run from start to finish if anything it's easy emblems.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I may be getting into a full clear tonight. I think they may already have two tanks signed up though.