Friday, December 26, 2008

Pugs are serious bussiness and other Holliday Shenanigans

On Chrismas Eve, I got in a very respectable amount of playing time and made the best of it. When I logged on, one of my longtime in game friends was running a pug 25 man Naxx. I got in just in time to go kill Maexxna. We run in, one shot her and I get myself my first Emblem of Valor as well as the HAWT tanking cloak that she drops. Woohoo for freerolls.

After Spider wing, we were going to give the Abomination wing a shot, but we kept getting blasted by Patchwerk. We turned around and headed over to the plague wing instead. This is where the funny business started. The guild I am in is pretty much the same as my old one as far as messing around, joking, etc. They go out to repair, and the raid leader has a mammoth mount. He invites some people on, jumps of of naxxramas, dismisses his mount and kills them. Everyone has a good laugh. He goes back up and asks if anyone else wants a ride. One of the guys from another guild says "Yeah, I will go". He gets on the mount, they jump off of Naxxramams, rinse and repeat.

The raid leader actually offered to pay double their repair bills, but everyone from that guild just left. When the raid leader asked WTF, the last guy to leave said "We only like to do serious raids". IT WAS A PUG ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! Anyways, we ended up getting a few replacements and two shotting the first boss in plaguewing before some of the other regulars had to go. All along, the guy from the other guild is messaging back and forth with our raid leader. Then the guy starts spouting off each person's repair bill to which the raid leader replies "8,9,10,12,14. Those are the c@#$ sizes of famous porn stars. Now go f$%k yourself."

Overall it was a wonderfully fun time besides the little crybabies from that other "serious bizness" raiding guild.

Afterwards, I did a few heroics and got my T7 chest!!!! I am still noticing a severe lack of healers. I mean seriously, they are all basically gone, out DPSing somewhere. I have to scoure LFG channels to find one and hope they are not saved to the instance we are running.

On another note, I went back a specced fro Deep Wounds again in the cookie cutter build. I saw better results, but not the 12-14 percent of you total damage that was being touted by other sources. I was seeing anywhere from 4-6 percent. Overall, it was still pretty nice as that dot keeps on getting aggro while you are pounding away at your main target. I would recommend it, but it is not the OMG BEST THING EVER, like I was seeing on other sites. I would still recommend it, and I think it will be even better as you get gear upgrades.

I hope everyone had Happy Hollidays! For Christmas presents to all of my ingame friends, I made them Mechanical Squirrels and sent them Tasty Cupcakes with them along with a personalized message. In game, I received the winter boots and a frostweave bag! It really is all about spreading the cheer.

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