Monday, December 1, 2008

Ding 80!!!! About damn time.

Well, with my limited playing time, I dinged 80 last night in Sholazar Basin. It is a pretty fun zone that is basically a remake of Ungorro minus the annoying patrolling elites. I ended up spending a crap ton of money leveling my engineering, but I did obtain my Titanium Goggles. My engineering is now 441. It seemed like almost every node I flew by in Sholazar had someone on it. I even saw players as low as level 71 out ther mining...WTF?

I did some equipment swapping, and I am now at 520 defense. Still 20 away from the magic uncrittable number, but I havent even got any defense enchants on my gear, so hopefully that will cover it. After I finish my last quests in Sholazar, Im going to head to Zul'Drak and start doing the questing there. I am very excited about "championing" for rep and cant wait to run all of the 80 instances and Heroics. If everything goes well, I plan on running our first Naxx 10 man next Saturday.


Herc said...

WOOT! Gratz!

520 Defense is where I started ^^. Actually much lower than that.

Yes, definetly do the + def enchant on your cloak, chest, and
shield. After that stack stamina!

Good luck on Naxx. If last boss in Spider wing gives you trouble just do first bosses in PLague wing some nice tanking gear there.

You mentioned you were going to use loot council, it's the way to go imo. If your raid knows a thing or 2 about tanks. They'll pass the gear to you or whoever is MT.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I will be the main tank for the raid. What order should I got in? Spider, Plague, Abomination, DK?

Herc said...

Nice man I look forward in hearing your MT stories ^^.

Spider, Plague, DK and Abom.

Spider is pretty easy. Last boss just get defense cap and bring some solid HOTs.

2nd boss in Plague wing can be challenging if your raid can't get the dance right.

3rd boss in plague needs some solid dps and heals.

Again if your having trouble with the last bosses on each wing do the first boss in DK.

Instructor is pretty easy. 2 tanks will control the orb which will control an add for each one. One will go first while the other one stands by. After 2 taunts be sure to release and re-MC the mob or it will be released while your tanking and it's bad times right there.

If you need tips or suggestions on bosses just holla at me here or at my blog or visit my server and say hi ^^.

LarĂ­sa said...

Congratulations! I liked Sholazar too (and I liked the crater as well... thing it's got to do with the fact that I've got no sense of directions normally, but those places are easy to find your way in.)

Brandon Tilley said...

Congrats on 80! I hear you live in the central valley. Whereabouts? I'm in Lemoore! :D

Darraxus said...

I in Turlock, which is right outside of Modesto. Not too bad, though it isnt far from Stockton aka the armpit of California.