Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trendy Tank.

No, not a trendy tank....like a woman's shirt. This is about the new trendy spec in tanking. The newest craze with the crazy kids down at Tankspot is the Deep Wounds spec. This spec is supposed to do crazy amounts of damage and threat. The key is to have a decent crit chance. Remember when picking your talents that Deep wounds can also proc off of Thunderclap.

For the most part the Deepwounds spec looks something like 15/5/51. The 5 points in Fury go 3/3 into Armored to the Teeth and 2/5 into cruelty. The crit is needed, but it is hard to justify going 5/5 cruelty and 0/3 Armored to the Teeth due to the fact that you lose A LOT of attack power. How much is A LOT? Well if you have 24K armor at 3 AP every 180 armor, that is 24000/100= 133.33. Then 133.33 times 3= about 400 attack power. Yeah....that is a pretty sizeable loss of AP.

I tried out a different spec, and to be honest I should have gone with this spec. You really need the ability crit talents for it to be at its best. Without them, I was only getting like 2-3 percent of my damage as Deep Wounds. Other tanks are reporting 12-14 percent of their damage from Deep Wounds. I will respec to this spec on Weds and give a better account of how it performs.


Talldar said...

Armed To The Teeth actually gives 1/2/3 AP per 180 armor, so it's more like 400 AP, not 700.

Still a lot. As soon as I'll be having a good connection in my new apt I'll gonna go out and try if ATTT yields more than 5/5 cruelty.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I noticed that while respeccing over the holliday 0_0. I will edit my post.