Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woot get to play tonight!

Ah Wednesday. A non-snuggle WoW night. I get to sneak a few minutes in during the week, but it isnt the same as actually getting to sit down and run some instances and such. I will prolly get my defense enchants then hopefully will be over 540 defense. I also want to fly around Sholazar basin and gather up a bunch of nodes and crap. I need 20 saronite bars, 15 eternal air, and 15 eternal water still for my shotgun. I was just going to buy the air and water until I saw what they were charging for it. Instead, Im gonna run around with my mote extractor.

The choice between farming and doing instances is a tough one. On one hand, I can get my shotgun. On the other, I can grind my Wyrmcrest rep to get my chest. I think that instances may be the way to go as I can usually find some time to farm but not to instance.

Anyone have any recomendations healthwise unbuffed for a tank, Im sitting at around 22k atm with about the same armor. I also have over 2k attack power :)


Herc said...

Get your Rep imo. Wyrm was the first rep I took care of till revered. There's just too many blue tanking gear they offer.

22k armor and 22k hp is not bad at all. Once you hit defense cap stack as much stamina as you can. If you can get around 26khp raid buffed you should be good.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I dont think that 26 k raid buffed will be a problem. Priest buff plus improved kings should about do it I think. Plus my food and flask.