Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Extra day off = more WoW time

I already have Thursday off, but my boss gave me Wednesday off as well. That means more WoW time for me!

We have a scheduled Naxx run tonight, and I am hoping to get in to see all of the fights and get some quality tanking gear. I really want a pair of the T7 shoulders. They are the best looking graphic in the game and the only thing that is disapointing is that they changed the blue glow on them to a yellow glow. A read glow would have looked much cooler IMO.

There are several nice upgrade for me in 10 man Naxx, but the main reason I want to go is to learn all of the fights. Once I have learned all of the fights I will be able to run my own 10 mans once the guild moves on to the 25 man version.

I am not sure which item I want to pick up next for my emblems of Heroism. If I havent received an upgrade from Naxx, then I would imagine I will be getting my T7 gloves.

As far as tanking goes, I am still having a blast. I love tanking heroics if I have a good group and tanking in general is just fun. I ran heroic Old Kingdom the other night with a very good group. We cleared it in record time with no wipes. It helps when all of the dps is doing well over 2k dps. Stuff was dying before I could really tank it. I was more baby sitting mobs than tanking them lol.

I hope everyone enjoys their time off for the Hollidays.

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Dink said...

As I sit here at work, I'm jealous.