Friday, December 5, 2008

Mission: Impossible

Do you ever have a theme song running in your head when you are doing something? I logged in this morning to do the cooking daily before work. As soon as I log on it say "11 minutes until server reset". I pick up the Mustard Dogs daily and realize I only have 2 Rhino meat and I need 4!!!!!

Queue Mission: Impossible theme music.......... I hop on the Griffin to Borean Tundra and wait. About 5 minutes later im in Borean and hop on my epic flier. I fly over to a large patch of Rhinos and gather all 6 of them. I proceed to smash them to bits and get 4 meat out of it. I hearth back to Dalaran, and make the dogs. I then start my mad dash back to the flight point area where I have to turn in the quest.

Queue the "The Final Count Down" by Europe. I run up the stair, turn in my quest, get my reward, then bam DCed from the server. More like Mission: You aint stopping me from doing my daily cooking quest BEATCH!!!!!

So yeah. That was my morning, now I am at work. Fun day ahead which consists of work, gym, dinner, sleep. Yay.


Leiandra said...

"Do you ever have a theme song running in your head when you are doing something?"


Dorgol said...

Just curious (not having flown in Northrend yet) - are taxi gryphons faster than your epic mount + aura? I haven't taken a taxi bird in Outland in well over a year because I could always get there faster on my own mount.

Darraxus said...

No, not really, but I usually AFK while I fly and I dont want to end up in the ocean on auto fly lol. Flight paths give me a chance to do other stuff for a few minutes. Epic flight is probably faster assuming you dont get distracted by shiny nodes.

Herc said...

I guess they upped the drop rate for the rhino meat.

I've been slacking on cooking daily. I've been busy doing Son's of Hodir dailies O_O which btwy takes forever unless you really fly around and look for everfrost chips.

Darraxus said...

I always get alot of Rhino meat out of the ones in Borean. Not as much from the ones in Sholozar I think. Im going to go unlock the sons of Hodir dailies sometime very soon.