Friday, December 19, 2008

WTF COOKING!!!111one!!

My Northern spices did not sell for the first time because a lot more people got in on the action and undercut me :( So instead I bought a ton of Rhino meat and the Mighty Rhino Dog Recipe to get the last two points of cooking so that I can make a Feast. Little did I know that 46 Might Rhino Dogs later I would still be one point away. DAMN YOU RNG. I did put them on the AH for 10 gold a pop and hop to make a nice little chunk of cash from them.

In other news, while doing my cooking daily this morning I got to revered with Kirin Tor lol.

Besides my usual Heroics and Dailies, I have found that I am a half-ass achievement hunter. It is like achievement ADD. Ohhh, what are all these people fishing in the fountain for *casts line*. What is this? A coin....oh there is an achivement to catch all of them. *Fish, fish, fish, fish* OK IM BORED. Lets go see if I can get Old Ironjaw in Ironforge. *Fish, Fish, Fish*......BORED AGAIN STUPID DROP RATE!!!! Hmmmm what can I do with these low level fish? I KNOW!!!!! So I sent all the fish that I caught in IF to a former guildy who had always been a complete douchebag....individually. About 80-100 fish filling up his mail box. Back to Emblems I guess :)


Kinzlayer said...

LOL, I'm going to remember that about sending individual fishes to douchebags. I still need to fish up Ironjaw but from Org.

Loronar said...

I hate how all the recipes go green so early. Even Heavy Frostweave Bandage went green earlier than I expected.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, even my mighty Rhino Dogs recipe went grey after I hit 425. Gotta pick up the feasts now to continue leveling it.