Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dusting yourself off and starting again.

Within the last week or so, my guild went from a formerly BT raiding guild to pretty much extinct. There were problems with people not showing up to the raids when we finally had the bodies to raid as well as people being impatient and getting saved to other raids.

All of our officers ended up leaving first, followed by the GM kicking all of the ALTs. Then we had several more key members leave that had been there since the beginning. I was one of the final crew to leave the burning ship.

In a way, it is very sad for me. I have been in this guild in one way or another for over 2 years. The first incarnation of the guild ended when the then GM decided to G-kick everyone. We reformed as Reborn and continued doing what we did. Eventually, the GM of our former guild ended up joining on as well. We raided up to and including BT before the expansion. Towards the end of BC, raiding really started to die off. Then we all started leveling in Wrath. The first ones to 80 bolted and went to guilds that had already started raiding. Then the other problems set in. Not only had we lost good players to other guilds, we lost several tanks and healers who just didnt pick up the expansion.

At the same time, I kind of feel a bit of relief. There had been too much drama lately, and that is not how the guild rolled. We were a bunch of bullshitters just having fun together. If we couldnt even be that, then perhaps it was time to move on.

R.I.P Reborn. I will remember you fondly and dedicate my first phat purplz to your memory. Thanks for the good times.

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