Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make that cash!

My blog isnt a money making blog, but I usually make a decent bit of money when I want to. This doesnt include dailies and such as those are usually covering my repair bills and a bit more (plus I hate them, Im not even honored with Hodir yet :( ). Most of my money comes from gathering. Everybody needs raw materials if they are a crafter.

On Darraxus, I am a miner and an engineer. Believe it or not, these are both gathering professions. While mining, I pick up ore, gems, and crystallized pieces. With my Zapthrottle mote extractor, I can pick up all of the little clouds floating around that nobody can get. This is where I make a decent amount of money. In well under and hour I can usually get several stacks of Saronite (which sells for less than Cobalt now, but is very plentiful) about 10 or so Eternal Earth and Shadow (which doesnt really sell for crap, so I am saving them hoping someday they have value, 2-3 eternal water and air, and usually between 4-7 eternal fire. Thanks to Gevlon at the Greedy Goblin, this has become a big money maker for me.

Eternal fires on my server sell for about 32-38 gold a piece. I take my Eternal Fires (or theirs if I decide to buy them instead of farm them), break them down and sell them as Crystallized fire. Crystallized fire sells for about 6 gold a piece on my server. I break it down and sell the Crystallized Fire in stacks of two. I can put my stacks for a bit more per Crystallized fire and still sell them all due to the size of my stacks. People dont just look at money per item. They look for what is cheapest. A stack of two going for 12.5 gold is cheaper than a stack of 5 going for 25 gold. This is what many look at, and also look at their needs. Some people only need 1-2 crystallized fires. They dont want to spend more on excess items. This is why I use stacks of two. It is small enought that it looks like a decent price and it is a useful size. All that means is profit for me. This will obviously vary per server, but I think that this is the norm.

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