Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Speed Gaming

Unless is is a designated WoW night, I need to speed game in order to get anything done. I usually log on quickly before work, do my daily cooking quest and check the daily heroic and regular instance daily to see if it will be something I am interested later in the week.

Some days when I get home from work, my fiance is still in class so that gives me a limited bit of time to play as well. Yesterday I took advantage of that by blasting thru Heroic Violet Hold with a guild healer, a guild DPS who I out damaged, and two pugs. We got thru it with zero problem (although my stupid tanking pants still didnt drop.)

I previously posted a post about things you can do with very limited time. Heroic VH is one we can add to the list. It takes probably less that 30 minutes, gets you 3 Emblems, and the chance to get an epic. Plus it is in Dalaran, which is extremly convenient to get to (via Hearth or whatever method you like).


Herc said...

Why do you always make me feel bad about not doing my daily cooking quest? >_<

amen to H VH =) I did this during lunchbreak last week. I just hate it when you wipe on a boss.

Last night we ended up 4manning VH cause our Rogue got stuck behind the door! /facepalm

Was pretty sweet though I did 4600 dps on last boss as TG.

Darraxus said...

Lol very nice!!! I have been gouging the arket with my Northern spices as well. 27 gold for a stack of 2 0_0. I sold some, but I am trying to sell a lot more. Raid food FTW.

Herc said...

Sell them to me! Cross server AH go go.

I thought a stack of those spices would be much more than that tbh.

Darraxus said...

That 27 gold for 2...not 20 lol.