Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cashing In: Vanity Pets

Vanity Pets have long been a nice seller on the Auction House. You could take your faction pets and sell them on the neutral AH to the Horde and vice versa. Some of the very rare pets for for a nice chunk of change. For example, the protodrake whelp is going for over 500 gold on my server, while the other rare pets (whelplings, ooze, etc.) are going for several thousand.

With the addition of the Argent Tournament, this is you opportunity to get into the pet scalping business. I have found very few of these pets on the AH and they must be going quickly as they are not up for that long. The prices I have seen have ranged anywhere from 4.5k to 6k gold. You can basically get a pet if you do the dailies for 8 days in a row. If you have multiple character doing it, all the better.

Now is the time to get in on this market. These should be in high demand for a bit as collectors will be busy buying pets for themselves, not to mention the mounts, banners, and tabards.

Have any of you sold these pets?


Leiandra said...

Holy Money-Maker, Batman! Are the prices highest on the Neutral AH's?

Darraxus said...

I havent had a chance to check the neutral AH, but I would imagine so.

Occeleta said...

My favorite pet to sell is the Wood Frogwhich is purchased from the Darkmoon Faire vendor you have to catch and is a rare buy on an hour CD. I was fortunate enough to be questing in Elwynn Forest for my Loremaster Achievement during the Faire and picked up 4 of em. Sold 2 so far, haven't listed the other 2. One sold on Alliance AH for 80g and the other on Neutral for 120g. Not bad for costing 1g each. Neutral is the way to go though

Arioch said...

Need Alliance peeps on Drak'Tharon to start posting the Tournament pets... get to it!

I suppose I should actually do the dailies so I don't have to buy the Horde ones as well. Might be cheaper. =)

Anonymous said...

Scalping Pets is just WRONG!

Ever heard of a Lion Cut?

Syrana said...

The thing that sucks is that I'll have to buy the Alliance Tourney pets... I'd love to make a profit off selling Horde ones, but I want them first. >.>

Although, I'm sure it'll be awhile before the prices totally plummet... especially to sell them on the Neutral AH to the Alliance. At least I hope. I'm going to need to sell Horde ones to afford buying their Alliance ones :P

Leiandra said...

I chickened out and posted a lamb for 2500g on the neutral AH on my bank toon. After the raid, I checked back and it was already sold. I think I should have charged the 4-6k.