Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun with Direbrew

Last night was perhaps the first time I had a group of people I know in RL do something as a 5 man. It was my wife, Occeleta, Grimir (Hunter), Marlyna (Mage and actually a guy IRL), and myself.

I grabbed my Warrior first and headed over to the instance. When I got there, something incredibly strange and annoying happened. I couldnt go into the instance for some reason while everyone else could. I tried running in and out several times and never got into the actual instance. I did however get stuck in some weird ghost instance that was actually outside the instance. I could not see anybody outside and I was stuck in one spot. I could chat with people, but not move. To top it off, I could not Hearth and the auto-unstuck feature would not work either. It would disconnect me from the server every time I tried to use it.

So, I put in a GM ticket and logged onto my Paladin. To my surprise, Darraxus was still online! Not only that, but I he was taking up a spot in the group despite not actually being in the group. After at least 15 minutes of trying to fix it, I was finally able to be invited back to the group.

It was decided that I would be the tank.....as a ret pally. The healer was....NOBODY!!!! We had a ret pally, Rogue, Boomkin, Hunter, and Mage to start. First try, I had to bubble to survive and ended up dying anyways. I think one other person may have died. They managed to burn him down while he was trying to smash all of the other DPS....I watched from the comfortable position of face on stone.

Second time.......second verse same as the first. We burned him down with just the Hunter still standing. Oh was it ugly. He three shotted me before I could even bubble or heal myself.

Third time was a little better as I decided I would heal myself during the fight. I survived for the first time......I think we may have all survived on this try!

4th time I got rofl pwned again when he was starting to get low on HP. He then went and squished out Hunter before being taken down to China Town.

The last time I had my wife heal and nobody died. I could have saved 30 gold in repair bills had I thought of this earlier...../facepalm.

We then did a few switcharoos. My Warrior was still somehow going on and offline and still stuck in place so I grabbed my Druid. Occeleta grabbed his hunter and Marlyna grabbed his priest. No instead of having no tanks or healers, we had no tanks and two healers. While waiting for the rest of us to show up at the instance, my wife pulled out her Elwynn Lamb.....who was promptly killed by an Elwynn Wolf that came out of nowhere. Grimir originally thought that it was his pet Wolf. They tried to get it to happen again with no luck.

The rest of the instance went very easy (or at least easier with the two healers). With no tank, the mobs pretty much ran amok. They were all over the place. The adds would latch themselves to the healers pretty good. Thankfully they did not really hit that hard. I actually had to heal more than I would in a Heroic Dungeon lol.

It was a lot of fun getting all of us together for the first time. My wife got two new trinkets (spell power and crit trinkets) which replaced the mid 70s green and Wrathgate trinket she was sporting previously. Marlyna upgraded a trinket as well. Occeleta was the lucky bastard of the night winning the roll on the only Kodo that dropped for us.

Eventually, I was able to get Darraxus back as a GM contacted me and transported him right outside of Ironforge. That was one of the stangest glitches I have ever found in game. It was like I was in an instance outside of an instance where nobody else was. And I couldnt do shit about it.

Anyways, if you are really bored, you too can do Direbrew shenanigans with no tanks or no healers.....or all tanks....or whatever whacky combos you can come up with.


Anonymous said...

How easy that boss is is truly scary. couple of guildies and I couldn't find more people who haven't already done it before to go on our alts, so finally we ended up just 3 manning it. first batch I was tanking, we had one ret pally and a resto druid. all 3 tries, Coren was felled like a tree with no issues whatsoever in under a minute. so once our tries were done, we decided to switch some alts around. Druid switched to his DK, I switched to my shadow priest and ret pally switched to her mage.

first try, DK actually forgot to switch to his tanking offspec O_O I think I threw a few renews here and there and bounced a prayer of mending. otherwise, I was as Tamarind eloquently puts it - throwing my felwee around :) by the third try - I healed almost an entire encounter with vampiric embrace alone >_> (bubbles don't count, as they don't rip me out of shadow form)

today - I'm gonna try to 2 man it with my hubby's druid. tank on my pally while he kitty dpses. heals? who needs heals :P


Sygor said...

Yea, its barely even necessary to have a healer for this, especially if you got a tank, even with only 25k or so HP. As ret in this case i just put out judgement of light and its enought to heal most of the damage. The only time i had to throw a heal was when my mage friend piked up some adds with his blizzard. But our warrior easily picked him up with Thunderclap+Shockwave.

Easy stuff, also got the Kodo myself yesterday. 2 droped for us within 5 tries. 1 tank + 4DPS= easy cake.

thedoctor said...

The epic ram mount dropped. I rolled a 99...

and LOST


It was horrible...but on a happier note, glad to hear your back and enjoying the game.


Darth Solo said...

Dude... last night was horrible. Laggy as hell. Out Direbrew group had a few wacky adventures but in the end we pulled through in spite of being certain that we would die due to the lag. Even the kodo mount dropped.