Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Internet Toughguys

Last weekend I had the wonderful experience of dealing with and Internet Toughguy. I had just got invited to my first Heroic on my Warlock. It was Heroic VH. Unfortunately, I was in IF with my hearth on cooldown. I contacted the mage in the party to see if he could port me to Dalaran from SW. He said no problem. I hopped into the deeprun tram and this is where Mr. Tough Guy came in.

Tree Druid: "Please tell me you aren't taking the tram, the boat, and then flying to Dalaran."

Me: "My hearth is on cooldown."

Druid: "You are lucky im not the group leader. I would kick you for wasting my time".

Mage: "Its cool, im going to go get him."

Druid: " You shouldnt be in looking for group if you can't get there quickly. You are wasting our time".

Warrior (tank from Druid's guild): :"Come on Druid, you are making us look bad"

Me (to Warrior in party chat): "I did't know you guys let dickheads in you guild now"

Warrior: "Me either".

The run went fine, but was all of that really needed? Obviously he is an internet tough guy. Being anonymous with no fear of retribution will do that. I can guarantee that they would not talk like that to someone's face.

I don't really see the point of acting like that. I had run with many people from that guild previously. They are generally a very cool group. One internet toughguy can spoil that for the rest. Internet Toughguy then went on to complain about being called a dickhead. I always say....if the shoe fits.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. I am with the druid 100% on this one. It has become far too common for people to expect summons to instances now.

I am one of the first two characters to arrive at an instance almost every time, and I don't even have epic flying skill. How often do you need to be the only person sitting at an instance waiting for your group before you become annoyed? I have been at instances for five minutes or more before one of the other lazy party members realizes that no one is there to summon and begrudgingly makes the journey. How many times do you need to summon someone three or four times because they are finishing a quest? or they went AFK while they waited for you to get there to summon them? It is inconsiderate.

Yes, you did take it upon yourself to setup quick transportation to the instance, but you did not inform the group of this immediately. After being screwed hundreds of times by this lazy behavior, I believe the druid was well within his right to express his displeasure.

Maybe you are the dickhead that always tries to maximize the efficiency of his playtime by making others show up at instances first and summon you, and thus don't understand the frustration that comes with it?

While it's obvious that you are not another one of the inconsiderate assholes that was going to make the group wait 10 minutes for you to arrive, you have to see his point of view. The only way to put an end to what has become the norm on my server is to make your displeasure clear and even kick those that want to waste your time.

Sorry for the rant.

Forreststump said...

I had my own Internet Toughguy experience last night. Your pain is felt.

Rhidach said...

That guy was a jerk. Unless you sat there for 15 minutes waiting for a summon, the fact that you actually were heading to the instance makes it way off base for the druid to attack you as he did.

River said...

Speaking for Internet Tough Guys everywhere you kept the druid waiting for more then two minutes, and you are probably some sort of homosexual. The druid should of kicked you out of the group, challenged you to a duel, spit on you, then teabagged you.

....Just kidding. LOL!

Adgamorix said...

@Anonymous - Really? This is the basis for your argument? That perhaps in the past he's been burnt?

I don't disagree that far too many folks 'expect' a summon, but there is a clear difference (at least in my mind) between the guy who was sitting next to you in Dalaran expecting to be summoned, and someone who is in a capital city (probably to make use of a trainer or AH) that can't make it back.

Are you telling me that in all your time of playing WoW, you've never needed a summon - never had to run to the bank for something and get pulled back to a raid?

I'm also guessing you never played Vanilla WoW - where there were no summoning stones, and only Warlocks could fill this role. The days of finding that 5th for your Scholo run, only to discover they are in Winterspring - and back then the hearth was an hour.

If your time is so valuable, then get thee to the summoning stone. Or, you know - communicate with the group. Open your mouth (so to speak) and let someone know you're on the way, and that you need one more. Stop acting like you're being put upon, simply because someone had something to do besides sit outside the instance they were looking to run.

Guy is AFK or has to be summoned 10 times - sure, be miffed. Guy happens to not be in Dalaran - the one instance that you can't summon from? Take a deep breath and get a cup of coffee.

Or you know - use your /who feature to find out where they are before you invite them.

Vorian87 said...

@ anonymous

nice rant. you failed to comprehend some of the things pointed out by Darraxus that other people have already pointed out.

Angry said...

Ahh WoW population how I love thee!

RatherNotSay said...

"Internet Toughguy then went on to complain about being called a dickhead. I always say....if the shoe fits."

So funny and I completely agree with you on your point.

@ anonymous - Wow dude, honestly waiting five minutes? I would hate to see your rant about wait times when raiding. On a side note, you should consider starting your own blog!

Toughguy HO!!!! (Hacksaw Jim Duggan reference free of charge.)

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I'm entirely with Darraxus on this. (Strange, isn't it, the way people tend to stay Anonymous when they disagree...)

The guy was being an absolute dickhead and deserved to be called on it.

First of all: it wouldn't have taken Darraxus all that long to get there anyway (5-10 minutes max?) AND he'd already acknowledged the fact that his location was slightly non-ideal and dealt with it, by communicating with the mage. Above and beyond the call of duty in a PUG, if you ask me.

And, yes, we've all been burned by standing around by the summoning stone for other players, but equally you can't visit abuse on others for abuse done to you. I believe that's a vicious cycle

Also although blog comments are space for discussion etc. it's unbelievably pissy to show up on someone's blog and take problems on your server out on the blogger. Server transfer, don't completely misinterpret someone's post and then jump to a generalised conclusion based on your own experiences. Gah.

Or, as someone else suggests, write your own blog - it sounds like you need to let off some steam and blogging is highly cathartic :)

Ruhtra said...

@ Darraxys

I agree with you 100%. It is sad though that people are always looking for a way to feel big and bad. WoW is just an avenue for people to be something that they wish they were. Who cares if it cost a few extra seconds. We are playing a video game for all that is holy, not trying to perform open heart surgery.

@ Anonymous

I honestly do not want to come across as mean, but get a grip dude. Did you get stuck waiting at a stone for your girl only to find out she ran off with a gnome? Sorry couldn't resist the joke. Anyway, you should consider blogging with all that pent up rage.

*vlad* said...

I was once farming Stratholme whilst being in LFG. I saw a guy asking for a healer to VoA 10 (the original one), and I said I was interested.

He invited me to the group, and I reached for my HS, only to find it still had 10 mins on the CD.

I immediately apologised, and asked if there was any possibility of a summon (no summon stone in WG back then), to which the answer was no.

I then suggested they could kick me if they wanted to get another healer, and they did.

Then I started to get abuse from the Raid Leader via whisper. wtf?

Was the minute I had been in the group such a huge inconvenience?

Darraxus said...

Glad to see that this doucheness is not just prevalent on my server.

@anonymous: I think you missed the point. I was not just sitting around. I was making an effort to get there.