Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with wonderful WoW goodness. I got a good chunk of crap done with fairly minimal headaches. The only bad part is that the weekend ended too it always does. Now, lets get down to the crap you probably dont care about :)

Raiding/Instancing: I did a very nice amount of raiding over this weekend...all of it on my Druid and Paladin. I actually dont think I played my Warrior at all this weekend. I am more or less just waiting for the next content patch on Darraxus. I ventured into Onyxia 10 and ToC 10 on my Druid this weekend. Onyxia was downed with no trouble at all. The fight really is easy as long as people know what they need to do. It also helps having tanks who know how to pick up Whelps.

The ToC 10 I went to was my second time there. The first time was a few tries on Jord Jaraxxus in a 25 man. This one was a guild run for another guild on the server, but they needed two healers. I brought along my Druid. The raid leader was also a Resto Druid who outgeared me. The other pug was a Paladin healer.

For being a guild run, it seemed to have a good amount of fail. We wiped on the damn worms like 5-6 times before we finally got them down during the Beasts of Northrend encounter. Once we were able to get people to stop standing in the dumb, we got to Icehowl and one shotted him. Icehowl is actually the easiest of the Northrend beast in my opinion. Then we moved onto Jaraxxus.....and had more fail. I ended up leaving after about 3 wipes on Jaraxxus. I was tired and not really that into it at that point. Despite being less geared that the other two healers, I still managed to outheal them.

One thing that really bothered me about the run. There was a ret paladin there being played by a female. This pally was barely doing 3k dps (about 3006 actually). The sad thing is that she was in all ilvl 219-245 gear. Most of it was 232 or 245 including her weapon. If there is one thing that annoys me, it is someone who gets extra slack because of what is between their legs. That is not an acceptable figure for someone rocking that gear. My ret pally can do more than that in mostly ilvl 200 gear and even a few greens. In similar gear, the Ret Paladins in my guild do 5-6k dps. I looked at the recount, and it looked like a bit of laziness. Her top damage ability was plain as melee...and her lowest was divine storm. I think there was just not nearly enough button mashing going on.

On my Paladin, I started the weekend in an Ony 25. It actually went very well. I think we two or three shotted her. We only used 5 healers for the encounter. The thing that made me lol a bit was our two Druid tanks. One was rocking 52k health and the other had 50k health. I didnt get any phat purplz, but I did get a few Triumph Emblems and a good time.

I also got into a Naxx 25 on a whim. I saw someone advertising in trade chat that they needed 2 more for Naxx 25. I still need gear from there on my Paladin, so I shot out a whisper and got invited. This was a "guild" run, but it actually had quite a few pugs. It was freeroll main spec. The only provision was that people that came every week would have priority on the t 7.5 helms if they needed it. To me, this is exactly how a pug should be. We one shotted every boss except Thaddius, who was two shotted. The first try saw too many DPS die on the first shift and he enraged at about 5 percent.

I got a new Ret belt, but that was really the only upgrade that dropped or me for my DPS set. I really hoped for a new weapon, but was not quite so lucky. I also picked up a new Holy neck and belt to sit and rot in my bank. I actually did pretty decently as far as DPS. I finished the run in 7th for damage and doing about 3500 dps. I did a bit over 4k on Patchwerk. I am really hoping to get a weapon to replace my trusty titansteel destroyer. I have had zero luck with the axe off of the first boss in Heroic ToC.

Leveling/Questing: I continued working on my Warlock over the weekend and got him to level 78. I gained most of that level by doing the Argent Tournament dailies as well as starting out the Hodir quest line. I am now Honored with Sons of Hodir, so they can kiss my ass. I can get a shoulder enchant, and that is all that matters. I respecced my lock from affliction to destro so that I could get used to the rotation for when he hits 80. Survivability is not as good with multiple mobs on you and mana gets sucked up very quickly....but things go down hard.

As I posted yesterday, I ran a regular Gundrak on my lock and had a great run. On the last boss I did like 2400 a level level 70 pvp gear. I can only imagine how it will be once I hit level 80 and get some decent gear. Once my lock hits 80, my DK will be next up. He has been gathering dust at level 71 for a while now.

I also played a character I had not played since Feburary. My Rogue. He was sitting at level 60 and I decided to run around on him a bit. I picked up two heirlooms out of wintergrasp and sent them his way. He is only a few bubble from 61, and should see a bit more playing time in the near future.

Auction House: I have been making a bit more money with incription. I appears that many of the new people got bored and left. I am still dealing with about 3x as many insciprtionists as I was before the MMO champion article. I made about 1400 gold per day over the weekend. The only thing stopping me from more is the constant undercutting. I have also been making a nice chunk of change selling crystallized fire. Some dummy bought several stacks of two crystallized fire for 20 gold a stack. I am now sitting at 197k and that much closer to the gold cap. I want to hit the gold cap and will be relieved when I do. Then I am going to spread much of it around on my other toons and start all over again.

How was your weekend?

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