Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tis the season.....

To be sick apparently. Being sick is horrible. You know you are not feeling well when you dont even really want to play WoW.

Last night I farted around on my DK a little bit and got him to level 72. This was probably the activity that I could put the least amount of thought into and still actually play.

Rotations and thinking make my head hurt, and not in a Paris Hilton way.

I guess that my sick past time is leveling alts. It really doesnt take too much effort and when else am I going to find the time to do it?

It is currently maintenance time.......which means I am going to try to have something to eat. Cup O Noodles FTW!


Kusamoto said...

I hope you didn't come down with the flu of the swine, as well. That was not a fun time. But, while I was out for 4 days, all I really did was level my main, so I can relate. I started completely over on September 7th with a brand-new undead warrior and hit lvl 60 as of Oct 25th, which I thought was fairly impressive. I'm astounded at how much easier leveling has been now that the riding cap has been lowered. Outlands, particularly, has been stupid easy since I can fly at 60. It's like having a cheat code :-)

Kinzlayer said...

@Darraxus - Hope you feel well soon. I agree with you, playing my new hunter was the best I could do when I was fighting the flu last weekends. I was able to muster enough brain power to control myself for the daily JC quest but that was it on the main.

@Kusamoto - Totally, once you can fly the game is just not as restrictive but for me the questlines can get a bit disjointed. A good and bad thing, for me.

Jong said...


feel better soon