Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things not to do.......

So, I previously wrote an article on how to get your significant other to play WoW. What I didnt talk about are the things that you should not do...unless you want an angry significant other NOT playing WoW with you.

1) Never make fun of there noobness: They know that they are not really aware of what is going on. You pointing it out or even *gulp* laughing at it is like pouring salt on the wound....if the wound were on your penis.....DONT DO IT. Nobody wants to feel dumb

2) Them playing with you is enough: Don't go and make other ridiculous requests of them. This means that you should not be asking for

a) Any kind of oral pleasure while playing. You may get slapped. Hard. In the case that they do agree.....WTF ARE YOU DOING!!! You are getting pleasured while playing A VIDEO GAME!!!! GO HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS

b) Making them fetch things for you. If you keep having them run off to fetch your beer and red vines....well you probably desereve the kick to the groin that may infact be coming your way

c) Hang out with you while you are dropping a deuce and playing on the lap top. That is just kinda sad.....and gross. Do you want to be around them while they are dropping the darkness? No. They probably dont want to smell last nights burger either.

3) Don't be Selfish: Dont be hoarding everything just because you know what is of value. They will eventually discover what you are doing....and not want to play with a liar. "Oh that blue item isn't worth anything! Here give it to me." Would you gip a handicapped kid out of a fudge sickle? No. Don't do it to your significant other

4) Don't be a dirty bird: You may think it is funny to type /e give you a Dirty Sanchez......but they may not. Emoting can be funny at times, but not if it embarrasses them (too much at least :)

5) Don't be a douchebag: Kinda the universal rule. If you ditch them to play with your friends. You are a douchebag. If they are getting ganked and you wont help, you are a douche. If you laugh at them when PvP frustrates them to are a douchebag.

So.....I hope none of you have not actually done any of these things. This is not so much a guide as it is common sense I guess. You dont get them to play with you by doing these things....unless you are Jong......because frosted tips.


Leiandra said...

Are you talking from experience? lol. Pretty gross, probably pretty obvious, but nonetheless, probably needed to be said. lol

Darraxus said...

Nah. not from experience....except for the emote thing ;P

Fish said...

LMAO. Um yeah, on a especially. Girls IRL > Wow. If she wants to let me "log in" to her, I'm logging out of wow. . .

Hudson said...

oops I broke the hoarding and the ditching her to play with my friends rule

Syrana said...

But if *she* asks for 2a... ;)

Hilarious list!

Vorian87 said...

good thing for me my girlfriend is fairly self sufficient at the game (we both play paladins) and she asks me for help now and then but other than that... yeah :D

lucky to have her is all i can say.

Fitz said...

good post,

Teaching my g/f to raid took a lot of patience and i often did all her research and layed out her rotations/gear/talents for her.

It was a lot of fun I just dont know how to teach her to be a gracious loser in pvp. After hitting comps that counter us and out play us she often rage-quits and it can take hours to calm her down.

We finally agreed that I would play with other guildies in arena and the 2 of us would stick to BG's. We both have very different personalities but I feel it balances us in real life, she takes things really seriously and I have little to no emotion most of the time.