Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I had quite the busy weekend in WoW. I did a lot of instancing, especially on my Warlock. Here is a the rundown on what went down.

Raiding/Instances: I ran a ton of instances on my Warlock trying to get him caught up on gear. I ran enough to get him the T 8.5 helm. I also did my first raid on him. I got into a pretty good VoA 25 PuG......and I lost my T 9.5 legs to the only other Warlock.....who was wearing all blues and greens. I did manage to pick up my T 7.5 chest in that run however.

Playing my Warlock is actually very fun. My DPS in 5 mans is now sitting at around 2.5k. It is certainly a lot different than the old shadowmage style from BC. One thing I have noticed is that my AOE is lacking. I seem to do higher DPS while doing a single target boss rather than an AOE pull. I actually put out 4k dps on one of the bosses in a 5 man. Did I mention that I LOVE grouping with Shaman on my Warlock?

My sister is playing again now that I got her a pre-paid game card. Pocket healer for the win.

PvP/Questing: I didnt do any questing over the weekend unless it was the wintergrasp quests on my Warlock. I am slowly building up a nice PvP set for him as that is one of my favorite things to do with my Warlock. I will probably be doing the wintergrasp dailies every week. Alliance almost always wins on my server and it gets you tons of Honor.

Auction House: The glyph market is still pretty low, but I am still pulling in a decent amount of gold. Thankfully, it seems that many of the competition has grown bored with the constant reposting required to "win". I was making a decent chunk of money selling crystallized fire, but my stock has run out.

Miscellaneous: I got my Sinister Squashling from the Headless Horseman last night. Makes me wonder if I should go ahead and do all the damn trick or treat things now. My wife actually did all of the trick or treating in the easter kingdom while I was at work last Friday.

Anyways, how was your weekend?

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