Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Another weekend come and gone. There was plenty of WoW time to be had. I just wish it wasnt monday..../shudder. Anyways, here are my goings on for the weekend.

Raids/Instances: I actually did a decent amount of instancing this weekend on several different characters. On my Ret Pally, I did Heroic ToC and picked up a nice new pair of DPS pants. I also got the achivement ToC achivement for killing both of the second bosses. Yes, that was only actually my second time in Heroic ToC on that character. I also did Heroic ToC a few times on my tank....and still zero luck on picking up that tanking sword.

As far as raids go, I basically did two. The first was a Naxx 25 run on my healer. The tank was a pally from the top raiding guild on our server and was doing the second most damage in the raid...about 3500 dps....and we wiped on Anub. Yes. We wiped on Anub. The stupid ass melee obviously thought they could all stand in the locust swarm (or at least most of them thought they could). About 9 of them died and caused corpse scarabs to wipe the rest of the raid. I was surprised that nobody left right then and there. We then one shotted the rest of the wing (I got a new pair of healing bracers!).

Then we headed over to construct where the real problems began...we wiped on the slime room....twice. Apparently, people have no clue how to AOE. The whole time, the tank is pulling like a madman. Not waiting for mobs to die before grabbing the next, not paying attention to healer mana. In Faerlina's room, he caused several deaths by pulling too many of the acolytes who do the AOE. Needless to say, he was reckless.

We get to Patchwerk and myself and the other healers are asking for Healing assignment. Someone says "just go". I say "I you pull right now, Im hearthing". They pulled, I hearthed. Enjoy your wipe fest guys. Just because it is Naxx doesnt mean you can play like a retard.

The second raid I did was Onyxia 10 finally. I was originally going to go on my tank, but some douche who was saved was in the party and I got saved to his cleared instance. I was not a happy boy. My Guild leader was in that group and did not get saved, so we reformed with me on my Druid. Onyxia is actually very easy if you know what you are doing. We had a two healer, two tank, 6 dps setup. It may as well have been a 5 dps setup as we had a Hunter doing 900 dps.

It took us two trys, but we took it down relatively easy. The first wipe came because the elite add tank kept running the opposite direction of the healers on Deep Breath. Otherwise, it was very simple. I didn't get any phat lootz, but my guild leader got both Judgement Helms for his off specs.

Questing/Leveling: I did a fair amount of leveling on my Warlock over the weekend. I started Dragonblight with my buddy who just started playing again after about a year off. We are currently working our way down the Wrathgate questline. I tied up a few loose ends in Howling Fjorde and then decided to hit the Argent Tournament shortly after I hit 77. Next up for my Warlock is starting the Hodir least to Honored. Between Hodir and the Tournament, he should be level 80 in no-time. I am getting tired of leveling toons, but I want them at level cap, so I will just have to stick at it.

Auction House: The Glyph industry is tanked for the most part. Most of the glyph prices are sitting at around 3-4 gold each. When you post a batch, you are undercut pretty quickly. If you dont have time to play the game, you will lose out on the money. I made a measly 1400 gold on Sunday by reposting about 5-6 times throughout the day. I am possibly going to start looking at some other markets to help supplement the glyph income. Hopefully it wont be long before the MMOChampion copy cats decide that it is too much work for too little profit and hit the road.

That is my weekend in a nutshell. Did you do anything terribly exciting?

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Anonymous said...

I'm having the same issue with glyphs on my server. I decided to help speed up the process of running people off by making my fallback 5g and my threshold 4G.

Definitley pissed a few people off. Funny thing is I'm still not selling any glyphs. Of course this is good because I dont have to restock, but , can still keep my competition annoyed and busy.

Just filling in the gold gap with my jewel crafter and alchemist in the mean time. Hang in there and if you can afford it crash the market!