Monday, October 19, 2009

Return of the Warlock....

So, this weekend was all about my Warlock. A little history on my lock. Theladon was the third toon that I ever created, and the second one to level cap. He was my main PvP toon (getting to 1800 in season 4, not bad for a clicker with a bad team comp). I also raided with him from time to time and would normally be in the top 3 of our 25 mans for DPS. Shadowbolt spam FTW. Since Wrath came out, he has taken a back seat to two of my other alts. Now, finally, he is level 80.
The last level and a half went by very quickly over the weekend. I started the grind by heading out to Scholazar Basin to do the Nessingwary quests. This is a very nice place to smash out some XP due to the fact that there are tons of kill quests that are pretty closely clustered together. You are getting nice XP from the mobs you kill and then a nice chunk once you turn in the quest. I went through all of the quests up until I got the Complete Nessingwary Works achievement and the headed off the Zul'Drak.
I used to not care for ZD, but it also has a lot of juicy kill quests and quests that are more or less clumped up. I did the Argent Strand and then started doing all of the troll quests. Part way through helping the captured Troll God's I dinged 80. I purchased a Titansteel Spellblade and got ready to hit the Heroics.
In my first day at 80, I hit Heroic ToC where I got a fancy new pair of boots, Heroic VH where I got the hit trinket, Regular ToC where I picked up some bracers, and Heroic UP where I got some decent legs. I am not sitting at exactly 300 hit. I went from about 1200 or so DPS to 2100 DPS in no time at all.
I also took my Warlock into Scarlet Monastery where I bashed the HH's face in multiple times and got both of the caster rings. I know that one of them has MP5 on it, but it was a nice upgrade over my level 70 stuff.
While I was waiting in queue for instance, I did a bit of PvP. I don't really care to PVP as destruction unless people ignore me. If not, I am entirely too squishy. I got into my very first wintergrasp which was a win. I am going to do my best to get a nice PVE and PVP set for my lock. The PVE portion should not take very long at all. The PVP will probably take a little bit longer.
So far, I have noticed that it the new destro rotation is at least a little more interesting than the old fashioned shadowbolt spam. I have also yet to find a very interesting minor glyph for my lock. I will probably just end up using the craptastic ones that are provided :(
Overall, not a bad weekend. How was yours?


Kinzlayer said...

Minor glyphs for locks do not exist, seriously it's just not even worth the time spent looking at them.

As for the destruction's rotations in PvP, as you have found out it's really fun. As you can kill most people in BGs (low resilience gears) with three casts in roughly 3-5 seconds (Immo-Chaos Bolt-Conflagate and if they aren't dead Death Coil will usually finish them).

Fish said...

sounds like you had fun, I am looking forward to my 2nd trip through Northrend, this time with flight. . .

Darraxus said...

@ Kinzlayer: Yeah, there were some very quick kills in the BGs. Sometimes when they had less than full health, immolate and conflagrate were enough to do the trick.

@ Fish: I got flight a bit early on my Lock and I must say it is really worth it.

Ironshield said...

This weekend I dabbled in several toons but the focus was definitely on the druid getting 'the Hallowed' in the same day from scratch.

Every toon that I can put flying on gets flying right away - anything else is a waste of time! The premiere alts get epic flying also, of course!

Gratz on 80 for your lock!

What's my main Again? said...

I've been focusing on leveling my warlock as well hoping to get to 80 by this weekend. One thing that I can say is that destruction warlocks become exremely resilient with a good pvp spec. Soul link and nether protection thing go a long way to keeping you alive.

I do 3's with a destro lock and he is pretty darn hard to kill.

Grats on 80 and keep bringing the pain!

Sharyar said...

Minor glyphs for warlocks... let's see, the unending breathe one is ok, not overly impressive, but was nice for leveling with those few under water quests. The drain soul one is nice, since I am demo when raids/runs go bad anything to get an extra shard is needed, sadly the proc rate sucks.

Remember most minor glyphs are supposed to be quality of life things. My druid has one that removes the reagent for the battle rez, nice, but not awesome. My druid also has one for reduced mana cost for GotW and MotW, nice but not amazing. Certainly neither of these are game breaking in comparison with the major glyphs.