Friday, October 2, 2009

Over Exposure is BAD for Business

So.....the glyph industry has sucked ass lately on my server. It has been very bad. I made about 400 gold yesterday.....which is my lowest total in months. Why do I think the glyph market is tanking recently. Over exposure from websites and a recent influx of "goblins" is the most likely reason.

Gevlon made Glyph selling popular among people trying to make tons of money. MMO Champion just brought it to the masses. Their guide was not really good, but it did get people interested.

I imagine that it will fall off after they realize there are already far more wealthy investors in the market who are willing to undercut down to nothing. Unfortunately until that time, I either have to repost ten times a day (not an option) or just accept that my profits are going to be lower.

Hopefully it will all go back to how it was so that I can hurry up and get the the damn gold cap. I am only about 24k away, but it will take even longer if the market stays as is.

Have any of you other glyph sellers been affected by the ton of information now being spewed out about glyph making?


Arioch said...

Either my realm has been largely unaffected by the masses reading over at MMO Champ or my selling style just wasn't goblin enough to be impacted.

I think I might have started making more money since that post went up...

Darraxus said...

It could also be that I have been slack on making more glyphs that sell the best. I am noticing more sellers though.

William said...

when i read the post i ran to the AH and sure enough the herb price had gone from a consistant 18g min to 30g.

So i carpet bombed hoping to scare ppl away, set my falback to 5g and my threshold to 1.7g posted as many as i could.

there is a few competitors as I cant sit in the ah all day and usually only post twice a day it leaves room for the other 3-4 larger players and they were also doing their part just posting everything for cheap, a few days later the herb prices are back to 20g already.

Darth Solo said...

Yeah thanks to that guide the glyph market has gone downhill. I'm still selling enough glyphs though. Thing is, I'm not really stressed over this. I'm just gonna weather it out. I'll only craft glyphs that sell for a good amount and wait until the storm is over. Sooner or later people will get tired of this game. I've got the resources and patience to weather this, not to mention a lot of herbs that I was insightful enough to buy at a low price before the shit hit the fan.

Scribblette said...

Once I saw an influx of new people into the glyph market on my server, I crashed it. I posted 10 of every glyph at max 5 gold, and lowered my threshold to a bit above parchment. I have also started buying up all the herbs (used to go for 12-18 per stack) and make sure the market is always above 30g.

My plan is actually not to sell much for the next few weeks. I'll just keep my 10-glyph buffer (med-pop server, demand rarely would burn through that) at 5g, and I'll let the undercutters scramble to keep milling and restocking. I'll back off once I'm sure the new folks are thoroughly demoralized. I'm sure my old competitors are annoyed, but I'm doing a favor for them too- we'll go back to business in a few weeks. Or else this will be the new normal, and I'll find a way to make money in the new environment.

In the meantime, I'll go back to my other markets, which actually are more profitable than ever since lots of people are dropping their old strategies for the MMO-Champ ones.

Hang in there, the next few weeks might be a wild ride, but long term I think it'll be ok. I also was just short of gold cap, so you, like I, can make it painful for others to come in and just waltz off with your profits!

kyrilean said...

There is a mass influx of new sellers on my server and in part it has affected my AH game.

On the one hand, I may have run low on the fast selling glyphs as I've gotten kind of lazy. The AH has honestly gotten boring.

On the other hand, there is a new guy or at least someone with a new alt that logs in 2 minutes after I do and it has discouraged me enough to stop posting. Mainly because I have enough gold for now and have better things to do.

Give it a month or so and I think a lot of these new sellers will disappear as the markets tank. If there's one thing I've noticed is that the majority of WoW players are lazy. I still raid with people that aren't even honored with Hodir...

Forreststump said...

The only saving grace about the influx of Gevlon wannabes: They don't have a big chunk of minor or Northrend glyphs yet, and no amount of gold will get them sooner (daily research).

Beyond that, I wish to infect MMO Champion with multiple virii. /grumble