Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 5)

This one was inspired by a comment by Fish.
Darraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. Retardin with Rez Sickness

(Mr. Retardin with Rez Sickness!)

You are a you own mind. Nobody can judge you because you do the judging.

(Could't Judge Wisdom on yourself in Real Life!)

And just like you, I will never read important tooltips like Rez sickness.

(Way to play like a nublet!)

So, hop back into into my PuG. Your 250 DPS is a rare commodity indeed.

(WTF are you level 60?)

So Mr. Retardin with Rez Sickness, have a Bud on me and enjoy your free gear. I know when the rez sickness leaves, you will be Mr. 800 DPS at level 80 Guy.