Friday, February 5, 2010

Since when does Social = Bad Player


1) pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by a friendly companionship or relations.

Since the beggining of his blog, Gevlon has called bad players Socials. Being social has nothing to do with having a shitty dps rotation or not knowing how to make gold. WoW is a social game. Everyone in the game is social to an extent as they are interacting with the virtual society. I know there are a few true solo players out there, but socializing is just about unavoidable in an MMO.

Ensidia is social. They are a guild. Guilds are social by nature if they are a casual leveling guild or a hard core raiding guild. Without social interaction, there would be no raids. There would be no PvP. There would be no WoW. Using the auction house is a social activity as well. You are selling goods that benefit other people. If you were truly antisocial, you would just vendor everything.

He may preach on and on about how socials are M&S, but he is a social himself. He writes a blof FFS. How much more social can you get. He responds to his commenters. Once again social. Does that mean he is a bad player? No. I think it means that either

a) His grasp on English worse than I thought, or
b) He is a hypocrite.

His newest "project" is about raiding in all blues and proving that it can be done. It is a social project. He is a guild leader....a social position in a social organization, organizing social activities. Sure, he tries to be anti-social about certain aspects, but you could see his disappointment when he did not have enough people show up to do his first blue raid. Social. Social. Social.

I am the first to admit that I am a social player. It is the main reason I play WoW. To play with other people I enjoy hanging around with. Without being social, I may as well go play Final Fantasy 7 or something. I love the inside jokes with my small group of friends. For example, one of my friends thinks I have a porn voice. When in vent, I usually enter the channel by saying "Did someone order a large sausage pizza?" It always gets a laugh.....and it is social.

Being a dick is just as social as being a nice person. You are still socializing, just in a negative way.

There is not reason to lump social players in with bad players, because if that were the case we would all be "bad".

Talking to people does not make you gem for leave all of your gear unenchanted or ungemmed.

Being social does not make you equip spellpower gear as a Deathknight

Being friendly towards people does not make you melee as a Boomkin.

Being social is being social. Being bad is being bad. The people who do not realize that are idiots, or lemmings swinging from Gevlons greasy sack.

/end rant.


Eversor said...

I am for sure the last person to agree with gevlon. I find his posts amusing at best. His "facts" and misplaced theories are usually inaccurate or bent to suit his current rant. Amusing nonetheless! I think by "social" he's not referring to those that socialize. As you said, that is almost impossible. I think his definition of a "social" (and it is his definition) is someone who foregoes benefit for themselves (money, gear, whatever)to help others, or make others feel better, or even moreso to avoid confrontation or hurt feelings. Apparently to actually care about others is a bad thing...don't think gevvie got enough time on the breast as a bebe.

Darraxus said...

@ Eversor: I am going to use words out of context as well. I am going to call my boss a cock monkey. And them tell him it really means that he is a hard worker.

Eversor said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea. While we're at it there are a number of other words I'd like to make alternate definitions for. Of course I get to decide when and where those alternate definitions will apply...whenever it fits my needs..." I know I said "F-off I don't want to sign charts right now you hairy assed baboon", what I meant was "of course, no problem" just took it the wrong way!".

Darraxus said...

@ Eversor: Now that is the true spirit of a greedy goblin!

Eversor said...

You mean I get to be an angry, selfish, self-rightous, pompous ass? Count me in! Oh wait...that implies that I want to be a part of a group....No! I want no part of that! I am a highly educated, overly (and laughably) cerebral anarchist!

Andrew said...

Unfortunately, Gevlon appears to be an Objectivist Libertarian (I could be wrong about the exact breed).

Social, in their language (and the entire logic system is based around redefining words to confuse the start assumptions), means someone who expects society to give them a hand out. Like Socialism. As it's a philosophy that came up during the cold war... duh.

Hudson said...

Maybe he meant to say ROLE PLAYERS

lissanna said...

I actually enjoy raiding as part of a guild because I love the social aspect of this game. The social side of me is also the side that loves blogging, helping new players, and inspires me to be a better raider so I don't let down my team.

Alexander said...

Gevlon is a European writing in English. If you've ever played on an EU server, they are full of broken English and shortened terms.

Social is being used in the context of Socialist. As in people who expect hand-outs. Stuff for free. Not being required to work for success. Success not being hard.

kyrilean said...

Gevlon is good at riling people up and I choose to believe that he does it on purpose. Some of the stuff he says is funny. Some of it true. Some of it false. And a lot of it in that gray area where arguments can start.

The best thing to do is just remove him from your reader. I did that months ago and haven't been happier! :)