Monday, November 24, 2008

Such a busy weekend in WoW

Man I seemed to do alot in WoW this weekend. I did a few instances, but mostly I quested.....A LOT. I finished up Howling Fjorde for the achievement and headed on over to the Borean Tundra. I did all of the quests the and got the zone questing achievement as well as the D.H.E.T.A's Little P.I.T.A for doing all of the tree hugging quests out there. I finished the zone doing the quest line that ended in "Last Rites". Me and a DK took down the boss for the quest and my tanking inspired him to repspec his warrior Prot.

Next I headed to Dragonblight. This zone is awesome and packed full of lore. I got the achievement in this zone as well, so I obviously completed Wrath Gate and the Battle for Undercity. These quests were amazing and epic. I also did the quest line that shows Arthas ordering the boats be burned down and when he grabbed frostmourne. Towards the end of my questing in the zone, I had a 3 man quest called "A Big Worm" or something like that. It was a three man group quest and the worm had 74k HP, but I easily soloed him.

By the time I finished Dragonblight, I dinged 77 and went and got my cold winter flying. Thank god I can fly again. I got to revered with three different factions during my questing in these three zones.

I also got in a little bit of PvP. I havent tried Lake Wintergrasp or the new BGs yet, but one of my DK buddies and I completly owned a flagged Horde Mage and Warrior duo. They didnt even try to come back and retaliate.

I have also been leveling my professions as I go. I am over 400 engineering now, about 420 or so mining. 435 first aid, 385 fishing, and 410 cooking. The most irritating one is of course engineering.

I also did the new Ring of Blood quest over the weekend. It was incredibly easy and I got myself a big shiny new axe.

I think that next up for me will be Shalozar Basin. I want to do the last Nessingwary quests, and people in guild advised against Grizzly Hills as it is apparently very spread out.

Whew, did I mention it was a busy weekend? Anyone else have any suggestions on where to go next?


ArmsandFury said...

Ok need help!

What/where is this new Ring of blood quest you talk about?

Also, where did you get the Arthas getting Frostmourne line?

I have the achievement for Dragonblight and didn't see any of the above :(

Darraxus said...

The Ring of Blood is in Zul Drak. You can get the quest to go there at 75 from the goblin in the sewers of Dalaran. The Frostmourne quest chain starts at a mystic guy in a tower at Wintergarde Keep.

Kinzlayer said...

I don't think the Frostmourne quest is available for hordes?

Herc said...

I left Dragonblight at lvl 76.

Headed to Grizzly hills. Yes this zone is really spread out. Once I hit 77 I used my free port to dalaran, got my flying mount then headed to Basin.

Shalazar Basin is the best XP/Hr wise. So head there. After that head to Storm Peaks. It's gonna be up to you if you want to finish the whole zone before moving into Icecrown.

I left Storm Peaks when it started to slow down. I advice to do the same. Icecrown has a ton of easy starting quest and lots and lots of quest that turns into dailies. So easy xp right there.