Saturday, December 27, 2008


It is Saturday OT again, so I am posting on another day I usually dont post on again. Today I wanted to talk a bit about ALTs. ALTs stands for alternate characters. These are the characters that you tend to play a bit less than your 'Main'.

I have a bunch of ALTs. Just to entertain myself, I am going to give a little bit of background on them.

Main- Darraxus: Level 80 Dwarf. This is my warrior, and the toon my blog is named after. I created him way back in the day when Scarlet Crusade was just a baby server. I leveled him to 48 and then just stopped playing the game at all for about 6-8 months. I came back when I started talking about the game at work with a friend who was a Horde Druid in a serious raiding guild. I leveled him to 60 as a ridiculous Arms/Fury spec by grinding mobs in WPL. Yes I was that noob. It took me 16 days /played to hit 60. When I hit 60, my buddy told me I should go protection and tank crap. I did not know what tanking really entailed at that time, but I did it anyways. I picked up a crappy green shield off of the AH, and got into a group for LBRS.

We made it all the way thru the run, but it was not easy. About half way in, my weapon broke and I ended up using a gray quality swird to tank. My sword skill was not up to par at that time so I wasnt really hitting anything. I picked up an upgrade part way thru and it went a bit better. I did not know anything about tanking. I didnt know what aggro was. I was completly and utterly hopeless. I got yelled at about not sundering.....what is a sunder? After the group, one of the group members asked me if I bought my toon off of EBAY. Because people buy terribly geared characters all the time I guess.

Anyways, I got into some good groups and learned how to tank running thru Scholo and Strat many times a night with some of the people I still play with to this day. I learned how to tank. The most raiding I did Pre BC was UBRS lol. I hit level 60 probably 2 months before the new expansion was due to come out. When BC came out, as everyone else, I was a bit shocked at the ridiculous upgrades I got right away from questing. I tanked Ramparts and BF on the first day of BC. The last boss in Ramps was a bitch and I didnt have fire resist gear at that time. Thru BC, I leveled and ran every instance and Raid up to and including BT. Then Wrath came around, I leveled again and find myself grinding heroics and doing raids for time to time.

Alt- Theladon: Level 70 Human Warlock. This was the second character I leveled to level cap at that time (70). I decided I wanted another high level toon, and my buddy at work suggested that a Warlock would be fun. I hated the first few levels of being a Warlock. I constantly died. Then I got my Voidwalker and it was cake from there. After hitting level cap, my Warlock raided everything up to and including SSC. He eventually became my PVP toon where I got into the 1700s with a Ret Pally before Ret Pallys were good. He is now collecting dust while Blizzard figures out how to make them not suck again. It took me 12 days /played to hit 70 on this toon.

Alt- Zurlock: Level 71 Dranei Paladin. This was my third level 70. Since I already had a tank and a DPS, I decided to roll a healer. I choose a Paladin because the Holy Avenger always seemed very cool to me. I leveled him as Ret and when he got to about 68 I switched him to Holy and started healing. I healed in PVP, Instances, and this was the only toon I got the achievement for killing Kael'Thas on. I enjoyed him as Holy, but I have decided to make him Ret again and have him be my primary DPS character. It took him 8 days /played to get to 70.

Alt-Rootmender: Level 70 Night Elf Druid. This was my 4th 70, and he hit 70 just before the expansion. I dual boxed him with a rogue up to 60 using the refer a friend bonus. He was resto the entire time I leveled him. I leveled him thru outlands 100 percent thru instances. I did almost no questing unless it was a prerequisite for a dungeon quest. I healed Kara at level 68 in greens and blue and outhealed the Holy Priest who was level 70 and epicced out. I specced Boomkin for leveling purposes, but really miss resto and think I will spec back and level completly thru instances with rested XP. It took this toon 4 day 8 hours to get to level 70.

Alt- Daedasar: Level 60 Human Rogue. This was the other half of my dual box RAF shenanigans. He did most of the work on the way up, but the druid was the one I was really interested in. I leveled as combat. The most he has done was run a few ramparts runs. I will get to him again eventually, but Rogues are more or less suck right now after being so OP for so long.

Alt- Durothos: Level 59 Dwarf Hunter. This was the second toon I ever made. He will probably get leveled before my Rogue as I actually enjoy leveling my Hunter. He was stuck in the low 30s forever until I used my free RAF levels to boost him to his current level. He hasnt really done much of anything, and his weaponskill is way behind. I want to level him, but he will have to wait until after some of my other toons.

Alt- Deathgorger: Level 56 Dranei Deathknight. For some reason, I find myself not incredibly interested in the DK class. I have seen so many of them that it has kinda put me off to them a bit. This will be my last character leveled if I even decide to level him.

You would think I spend all of my time in WoW with all of these alts, but no. I only sit down and really play three days a week. I log on every day to check my mail and do the cooking daily. That is it. I have two epic fliers (Warrior and Paladin).

Well, thank you for listening to my ramblings about ALTs. What alts do you have?


Fish said...

You actually have a lot more than I would have thought. I unfortunately have too many to count and not many 50+ but currently:

Leshif - My "main" till the DK passes him, too many better tanks in my guild and no desire to level or instance - 70 Prot pally.

Dreadfish - 64 Blood DK

Magefish - 58 Affliction Lock

Warfish - 63 Arms warrior

I also have a druid, frost mage and shadow priest in training to see how I like them at upper levels, I also didnt list my alliance toons because I doubt I will get back to them . . .

thedoctor said...

Dwarf warrior - I am jealous. I miss mine alot. I rerolled horde and was forced to say goodbye.../sniffle.

He was my first toon to 60 and I raided up to AQ40 with him as one of the MTs.

Teknizzle - Current Main - 80 Cow Restro Shaman. Leveled him restro all his life. He was my third toon to 70.

Lilwhezzy - Previous Main - 75 Undead Mage. Nothing like logging in and aoe grind for an hour. Fun stuff. First toon to 70

Bonquesha - Previous Main - 71 BElf paladin. Second toon to 70. Like you I wanted a healer and I decided to roll a paladin. This character was the farest I ever made it raiding in BC, Mount Hyjal. Spec currently for ret but I will either make her ret or prot...haven't decided yet.

In the 4 years I have been playing wow, I have had leveled every class to atleast 20 besides a priest, rogue, and a druid.

Darraxus said...

@the doctor: The three classes that I havent gotten past 20 are Priest, Shaman, and Mage. Just not alot of appeal for me in those. Got a priest and a mage to 14 and the Shaman to like level 8 before deleting it.