Monday, December 15, 2008

Naxx fails, Guild fails.....but I did save money on insurance by switching to Geico!

So, a lot of new in my world (of warcraft) over the weekend. First thing is that the guild I have been in for the last 2 plus years basically fell apart. Not getting the people they needed fro Naxx runs, the GL left followed by the old guild leader announcing that the guild would no longer be a raiding guild. This was met by

A) A mass exodus of people who still want to raid.
B) The new (old) guild leader kicking out everybody's alts.

There are now less than 35 people in guild. At this point, my arena buddy offered to get my into his guild as they are short on Warrior tanks and are the 5th ranked raiding guild on the server. I am leaning towards joining them. Most of the people I have played with over all of this time have now moved on and we don't even have a single healer in Guild. Another plus is that the new guild would have raid nights that are compatible with my real life schedule. I think I have already made my decision, it is just hard to let it go.

On a less gloomy note, I got my Red Sword of Courage over the weekend finally! Those damn pants out of Heroic VH still havent dropped yet :( I run that heroic pretty much daily and have yet to see it drop. Cloth bracers seems to drop just about every single run.

I did my first foray into Naxx in a pug, and it did not go well. The tank were good, the healers were good, but the DPS was terribly low. It did not help that the raid leader brought along an extra tank :( The top DPS in the run was at about 1400 dps. That is very bad for Naxx. That is good at level 70 running SSC or something. Not level 80 running Naxx. Needless to say, we were unable to get Anub'Rhekan down and it costed me roughly 50 gold in repair bills.

I finally did some questing and such in Northrend with my other toons. I respecced my Druid Boomkin and headed to Howling Fjorde, then I respecced my Paly ret and headed out to Borean Tundra. So far so good. I got about half a level of XP on both and then went back to my warrior.

I have noticed since the expansion that there seems to be a great lack of healers. Before my guild fell apart, there were probably on 3 healers for the whole guild. Everybody else went DPS to level and just seemed to never spec back. When I try to pug heroics, I also find that the channels are just filled with a few tanks and a bunch of DPS. Im guessing that most of the healers are doing guild runs and arent really pugging anything.


Yeshua said...

Naxx can be a biatch, especially if your DPS is low. A lot of those encounters, especially in the abomination wing, are only successful if the DPS is there (Patchwerk, Gluth, Loethb, etc.). You said the raid leader took an extra tank--does that mean you took three?

On the note of a lack of healers, we're struggling with the same thing. We have about 30-35 people in our guild and only 4 or 5 are dedicated healers so there is rather intense competition to get them for runs. I healed from the day I logged into WoW for the first time until right before the expansion and went ret when they buffed us, just like everybody else. Looks like it's time to get back on the holy bandwagon.

Herc said...

Join the new guild ASAP! Especially if their schedules matches yours. What is your old guild's new "purpose"?

Gratz on the sword bro. Finally! It looks cool huh? Took me abit on the pants too.

Yup Naxx needs more DEEPS. Fights like Thaddius where one person dies really hurts the raid.

Also remember the Group 2 naxx I posted last week? Went pretty smooth than expected. I'll post about it later today.

Darraxus said...

@ Yeshua: Yeah, I was by far the best geared tank, and they also brought a Prot Pally and a Frost DK.I plan on leveling my Druid and Paladin DPS, but probably going back to healers once they hit 80.

@ Herc: Yeah, I think Im gonna talk to my buddy asap about joining that guild. Grats on your run!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm starting to see this same thing happen with my guild. There were a handful that raced to 80, and now they just logon and bitch to everyone else to hurry up and get leveled. I for one haven't been in a huge hurry because I have 3 characters that I'm swapping between to take advantage of rested xp. Although it hasn't happened yet, I can see within a few weeks we're gonna start losing people because those that are 80 get in as puggers on Naxx runs occasionally, and sooner or later they're gonna want to raid with the other guilds on a more permanent basis. IMO blizzard made a mistake by raising the xp required per level in wrath. I know, I know, it's not very bad at all, but if you don't like to quest it takes forever to level up because they've pretty much eliminated aoe grinding in wrath.

Darraxus said...

Yeah :( Found out more of the core members left. Nothing left for me now. Gonna pack up and leave.

Chad S. said...

Good luck with the new guild!

BTW - Three Protection Tanks won't cripple a Naxx-25 raid. We've been running ~2 Prot Warriors, 1 Prot Paladin, and have only ever dropped one for our first Thaddius kill.

Darraxus said...

That was for Naxx 10 man lol! 3 tanks is completly unneccesary for a ten man raid and just gimped the DPS to shit. Not to mention the DPS itself was not all the impressive.

Herc said...

only time you'll need 3 tanks for 10man is when doing Sartharion with Drakes up.

The other tank was prolly his friend or a friend of his friend.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, that is what it seemed like. We swapped out some players to get some more "DPS", but we pulled in another damn DK tank and the other new DPS still were barely breaking 1k DPS. Terrible. I am definately leaving guild when I log on.

Captain The First said...

I think we can safely contribute most of the healer shortages to the fact that only very few level as healers. Hopefully things will pan out sometime early next year. Although I do note a distinct trend towards levelling your main and then picking up a DK rather than working on the main.

We'll have to see how it goes.

Hudson said...

I feel the same. But for other reasons. Please discuss!