Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Update.

I had a pretty busy weekend in WoW this weekend. If I wansn't running Heroics, I made sure I had something to do. The weekend started off rather annoyingly as I could not log into my main toon. For some reason I could still log into my other toons, just not the one that I really wanted to play. For the first 1.5 hours, I ended up playing around and doing some quests on my Druid in Howling Fjorde. Then, I was finally able to log on to Darraxus with out getting DCed!

I had big plans to run Heroics all night, but that plan was not to be. There were no healers on and we ended up pugging a terribad healer in Old Kingdom. After several wipe on the first boss we finally got him dow *facepalm*. The healer was usually out of mana about a minute into the fight. Priests should not be running out of mana that quickly. After that, we cleared to the second boss and took him down very easily. At this point, our UBER DK had to go, and with two bosses down, good luck actually getting replacements.

So we dropped group, and we reformed without of DK who logged and the undergeared priest. We pick up another pug priest and an Elemental Shaman to continue on. About 3 pulls in, I get a whisper from someone in the Priest's guild because they need to use her to heal the last boss of Heroic Azjol'Nerub. They ask my permission like it really matters. So the priest leaves, after about 5 minutes the Shaman leaves and we end up just disbanning. This is completely retarded. If you are in a group, you should finish what you are doing before taking off. Last night I got a tell to do Heroic Strat for the daily, but I was already helping some friends get their Red Winter Hats, so I declined.

That evening was incredibly annoying, and I think I finished up just doing some fishing.

The next day I got a decent amount of things done. I did some more fishing and got it up to 440. I also did the cooking daily and picked up the recipe for Huge Feast. Tons of stuff went on the AH. I took a page from the Gevlon over at the Greedy Goblin and put up some crystallized fire on the AH. The eternal fires were down into the 38 gold range, but I was selling crystallized fire for 6g 30s a piece. Profit!!!!

Besides my side stuff, I actually did my first complete raid. I was just putting around on my way to level some weapons on the banished mob in SMV when I got an invite from the Guild's raid leader. They needed and offtank for 10 man Sartharion. We did it with no drakes, and didn't even have a death on the boss himself. I was in charge of going into the portals on the drakes and picking up all of the adds on Sartharion himself. Besides the emblems, I also got a hot new tanking ring!

After that, I hit some heroics, but ended up 11 emblems short of my T7 chest. I will probably be able to pick up that badboy on Wednesday.

With all of this, I also managed to get my Ret Pally to 71. The Pally is a lot of fun to play despite the fact that I actually have received Northrend green item upgrades. I kill stuff very fast and blow the questing. I prefer my Paladin to my Druid for questing. Boomkin is just boring. I am thinking of speccing back Resto and just healing my way thru instances to get to level 80. Leveling is actually slower than it was on my Prot Warrior. I can have a ton of mobs beating on me with no effect like I did on my warrior. This is probably due to the fact that my warrior came to Northrend with high avoidance, a lot of armor, and over 16k health unbuffed. My Pally and Druid are at around half of the hitpoints that my Warrior had.

There is still a dire shortage of healers. I can seemingly never find a healer, and when I do, they are often times saved to the instances I want to run. Being a healer right now is pure profit.


Chad S. said...

It must be a server by server thing - ours is usually lacking tanks.

Anyway, grats on your first (OS) raid!

Darraxus said...

Thanks! Yeah, havent had any issues with tanks (lol since I am one). I also notice a lot of tanks in LFG despite a lot less prot pallies (and I almost never see Druid tanks in LFG).

Herc said...

Old Kingdom heroic can be a bitch sometimes.

The healer should have finished the instance with you, I just don't leave pugs just because I got a tell to tank a heroic for my guildies. But it looked like he/she just wanted to leave anyway and bail out on you guys.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, except they wanted to come back after like 30 minutes. I was like HUH? We already disbanned. Tard.

wtfspaghetti said...

"That evening was incredibly annoying, and I think I finished up just doing some fishing."

Sometimes that is the best thing to do lol.

I hate complaining about because it makes people think I am an elitist, but I hate crap like you went through. Don't join the group if you don't have time to finish.

I mean, what were you suppose to say to the priest's guild leader that messaged you?

"Oh sure, no problem. Have a great run"

I think I would have seriously lost it /castrocketlauncher

Gratz on tanking ring and I shall return to your blog, I like what I read. Good stuff