Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazing Stupidity

It is amazing how stupid people can be sometimes. It doesnt matter if it is complete ignorance or just being an asshat. Last night, I logged on and saw that Wintergrasp was ours and figured I would do Heroic Vault. I get an invite from a mage and before long we have a full group. This group consists of many pugs as well as in game friends and guildies. We get to the end of the trash and Archavon is not there.

The dumb ass raid leader was saved to a 25 man vault already and got the rest of us saved. For those of us that dont get to raid all the time, something like this is a big deal. That is two more valor token towards my boots and a chance at some 7.5 gear. 

I dont know if it was intentional or accidental (how on earth could it be accidental?), but I reported him to a GM. Unfortunately, they are not clearing my raid ID, so I was saved to a raid that was already cleared. How lovely.


Ironshield said...

That must have been absolutely infuriating. Do you still have a keyboard and monitor and are they now permanently intertwined?

The sad thing is that:

a) the guilty party probably just didn't give a damn enough to engage the brain before the mouth;

b) Blizzard could prevent this from happening with a simple function triggering on the event of attempting to enter the instance (if they can prompt about over-writing an enchant, they can damn well throw up a message box asking you to confirm that you want to enter an instance with "3/4" bosses remaining as an example).

I feel for you. May the loot award gods reward you well in coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

That SAME EXACT THING happened to me this week, only 10 man vault. I'd much prefer this as I am only running that for a sidegrade pair of t7 pants, but still infuriating.

Ironshield said...

whoa! dude... look!!

"When zoning into a partially completed raid instance, a confirmation dialogue will appear asking if you want to get saved to the instance."

Man, I gotta say, your blog has Blizzard's attention!!

Talldar said...

Yep, that's one really annoying thing to happen. I'd heavily vouch for an overview of all group (or raid) members in the raid-info dialogue, so one can check stuff like that beforehand.

A prompt on entering a dungeon where one is about to inherit an ID would really be nice, too.

Occeleta said...

Seriously.. on screen pop up confirmation or even just to have a window Raid Leaders can check with list of all members and if they are saved to any particular instances.